Nintendo Switch Adds Bayonetta 2 And More New Games On Eshop This Week

Bayonetta 2, Owlboy, and a lot more arrive on Switch this week.


February has been a busy month for Nintendo Switch owners so far, but this week in particular is packed with great games to choose from. A total of 18 new titles arrive in the Switch Eshop this week, many of which are worth a download if you're looking for something new to play on the hybrid console.

Headlining this week's releases is Platinum Games' acclaimed action game, Bayonetta 2, which arrives alongside the original Bayonetta today, February 16. Originally released for Wii U back in 2014, Bayonetta 2 is one of the few games to earn a rare 10 out of 10 from GameSpot. Those who pick up the physical version will receive a free download code for the first Bayonetta. Each title will also be available individually on the Eshop, and purchasing one will entitle you to a significant discount on the other.


Arriving alongside Bayonetta 2 today is Fe, a beautiful adventure game from EA and developer Zoink. The game puts players in control of a cub who explores a dark forest, learning different animal cries that can be used to interact with other animals or plants to solve puzzles. Fe is the first title published under EA's indie-oriented EA Originals program.

Other notable games available for Switch this week include the latest ACA Neo Geo classic, Fatal Fury 3; the touching 2D adventure game Owlboy; the flashback-driven retro RPG The Longest Five Minutes; the Metroid-style platformer Xeodrifter; the classic arcade shoot-'em-up Samurai Aces; and the underwater 2D shooter Aqua Kitty UDX. Switch owners can also now download free demos for Quest of Dungeons, Violett, and Wanderjahr. You can find the full list of this week's new Switch releases below.

On top of all the new title, the Shadow Dragon DLC pack for Fire Emblem Warriors also arrives on Switch this week. This is the second of three DLC packs planned for the game, and it introduces three characters originally from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon--Navarre, Minerva, and Linde--as well as new History maps, weapons, and costumes. The DLC pack is included in Fire Emblem Warriors' $20 season pass or can be purchased separately for $9.

This Week's New Nintendo Switch Releases

February 13

  • The Fall Part 2: Unbound
  • The Longest Five Minutes
  • Monster Energy Supercross
  • Owlboy

February 14

  • Fire Emblem Warriors -- Shadow Dragon DLC Pack

February 15

  • ACA Neo Geo: Fatal Fury 3
  • Aqua Kitty UDX
  • Escape Trick: 35 Fateful Enigmas
  • Johnny Turbo's Arcade: Gate of Doom
  • Millie
  • Pool Billiard
  • Samurai Aces
  • TorqueL: Physics Modified Edition
  • Wanderjahr: TryAgainOrWalkAway
  • Xeodrifter

February 16

  • Bayonetta
  • Bayonetta 2
  • Fe
  • Joe Dever's Lone Wolf

New Nintendo Switch Eshop Demos

  • Quest of Dungeons
  • Violett
  • Wanderjahr: TryAgainOrWalkAway
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