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Nintendo Switch 2 Already With Developers, Launching In 2024 - Report

The next Nintendo console has been sent to developers ahead of a public release in 2024, it's reported.


It looks like the next Nintendo console could be released in 2024. According to VGC's sources, development kits for Nintendo's next-gen console are now in the hands of "key partner studios."

Platform-holders like Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony are understood to provide development kits to certain studios ahead of launch so they can start making games and testing the hardware. The VGC report did not say which studios might have their hands on the new system right now.

As for a release date, multiple sources told the site that Nintendo is targeting a release for the rumored new console in the second half of 2024. Pricing was not mentioned in the report, but for comparison, the Switch launched at $300.

But what is the rumored new console? Nintendo has made no official announcements, but the VGC report said the supposed new system will work in a "portable mode," similar to the Switch. The console may use an LCD screen, not an OLED, in an effort to manage costs, the report said. The system will supposedly support physical games through a cartridge slot and digital games. Previously, it was reported that Nintendo will keep the same account system on its next console for ease of use.

Nintendo has not officially commented on this new report, and GameSpot has followed up with the company an an attempt to get more information.

Before this, a research firm predicted that Nintendo would release its next major system in 2024. In May, it was reported that development on the next Nintendo console was "progressing well."

There have been rumors of a more powerful Switch percolating for a long time now, but Nintendo has never confirmed this. Nintendo has, however, confirmed that it will launch a new console before the year 2100.

Nintendo launched a new Switch Lite model in 2019 and an OLED model in October 2021, but fans never got the rumored Switch "pro" model.

The Nintendo Switch is now in its seventh year, and the system continues to put up big-time sales numbers (though sales are declining in recent times). That being said, people always want to know what's next. Nintendo marketing executive Doug Bowser (real name) told the AP that he has "nothing to announce" about the next Nintendo hardware, but overall the company feels "very bullish" about the current model.

"We're entering uncharted territory with the platform. It's exciting to see that demand is still there," Bowser said.

The Switch has proven to be popular so long into its lifecycle in part because it is a genuinely "unique device" with its ability to be used at home and on the go, Bowser said.

Nintendo will inevitably release another console one day. While we don't know what it'll be just yet, Bowser said the aim for it will be to "surprise and delight" customers. "How can we introduce new unique ways of playing? That's always in front of our mind," Bowser said.

The Switch has sold more than 125 million units. It is now the third best-selling console of all time.

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