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Nintendo sues Nyko alleging knockoff Nunchuk

Wii maker accuses peripheral company of swiping name, design, and color scheme for its wireless controller accessory.


For years, peripheral-maker Nyko has offered products that complement consoles. Though the makers of said consoles have not always been thrilled with said products--for a time, Microsoft blamed Nyko's Intercooler for Xbox 360 overheating--they have been generally tolerant of said products.

Nintendo's Nunchuk.
Nintendo's Nunchuk.

That might be changing. Bloomberg is reporting that Nintendo filed suit earlier this week against unlicensed peripheral manufacturer Nyko, alleging that the company's Kama Wireless Nunchuck Controller for the system infringes on the official Wii Nunchuk (note the missing second "c"). Nintendo claims that the design of the Kama controller, right down to the color scheme, the packaging, and the product manual, are close enough to the official Nunchuk controller as to confuse customers about the product's origin.

Nintendo is accusing Nyko of trademark and patent violations, asking for damages and any profits that the peripheral maker earned as a result of infringements.

Nyko's Nunchuck.
Nyko's Nunchuck.

"While Nintendo supports the creation of innovative games and products used with our game systems, we cannot allow third parties to infringe on our intellectual property rights," a Nintendo representative told GameSpot.

A Nyko representative had not returned GameSpot's request for comment as of press time.

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