Nintendo Sues More Pirates

Nintendo announced Friday that a manufacturer and distributor of game copying devices will feel their wrath.


Nintendo announced today that they are filing a lawsuit against two companies: Bung Enterprises Ltd., a Hong Kong-based manufacturer and Florida-based Carl Industries, Inc. The suit alleges that the two participated in "willful, direct and contributory infringement" of Nintendo's copyrights and trademarks by the advertisement, distribution and sale of Doctor V64.

The Doctor V64 is a game copying device for use with the Nintendo 64. It copies N64 games onto CD-ROM to be read whenever the holder wants to play the game. They are commonly sold as "game back-up units," even though it is unnecessary to back-up your game cartridge.

Nintendo is currently seeking actual damages, treble profits and an immediate injunction against the two parties to stop the manufacture, distribution, advertisement and sale of the Doctor V64.

This is just the latest installment in Nintendo's never-ending mission to end video game piracy, which cost Nintendo and its publishers an estimated $810 million in sales worldwide last year.

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