Nintendo Store Update: Xevious 3D Classics

Revamped version of Namco's 1982 vertically scrolling arcade shooter leads slim slate with three new DSiWare games, one WiiWare addition.


While the eyes of the gaming world are drawn to the colorful spectacle that is the San Diego Comic-Con, Nintendo has chosen to launch a relatively light slate of new games for its weekly Nintendo Store Update.

No longer does Xevious need to fake its 3D effect.
No longer does Xevious need to fake its 3D effect.

The week's featured release is the latest addition to the 3DS eShop's 3D Classics line, Xevious. Namco's 1982 shooter has been remastered to support a 3D mode, with players able to test their vertically scrolling shooter skills through 16 levels for $6.

Nintendo also added three new DSiWare/eShop games playable on either the DSi family of handhelds or the 3DS. Those games include Agetec's jump-happy action game Kung Fu Dragon ($2). Also available are Enjoy Gaming's fantasy-themed 3D snowboarding game Trollboarder ($2) and Saturnine's gravity-flipping sci-fi action adventure game Antipole ($5).

Rounding out the week's offerings is the WiiWare game Bobby Carrot Forever. A strategy-puzzle game from FDG Entertainment, Bobby Carrot Forever challenges players to guide the titular hare through levels strewn with carrots, coins, and environmental obstacles. The game sells for 800 Wii points ($8) and also supports downloadable content.

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