Nintendo Store Update: Ubongo puzzling out WiiWare

Board game heads to game company's console as Go Series Picdun, Dreamwalker, and Crazy Cheebo: Puzzle Party arrive for DSiWare.


GO Series: Picdun
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The 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo kicks off today in Los Angeles, but Nintendo doesn't appear to have any special plans for the week when it comes to store updates for WiiWare and DSiWare. This week, Nintendo welcomes a single new title to WiiWare, while DSiWare picks up three games.

For Nintendo's console, Korner Entertainment has Ubongo, which is based on the popular board game. In it, up to four players compete to solve puzzles across a variety of modes, including History Mode, Quick Game, Time Attack, and Multiplayer, collecting gems along the way. The player with the most gems of the same color wins the game. Ubongo costs 800 Wii points ($8).

Ubongo, webongo, everyone bongo.
Ubongo, webongo, everyone bongo.

Both Gamebridge and Code Mystics have 500-DSi-point ($5) titles out this week. Gamebridge's Go Series Picdun melds action role-playing with puzzle solving, as players reveal hidden images by exploring passages. Players will be able to upgrade their equipment and weapons as they progress through the game's 60 floors.

Code Mystics' Dreamwalker also melds action and puzzle-solving. As the game's title suggests, Dreamwalker tells the story of Walker, who is able to traverse dreams. As he struggles to obtain a good night's sleep, Walker must defeat such foes as Alarm Clocks, Early Birds, and Night Mares. Players will be doing their part by controlling the mazes that make up Walker's dreams.

Cypronia's Crazy Cheebo: Puzzle Party rounds out the week on DSiWare. For the 200-DSi-point ($2) entry fee, gamers will receive a match-three puzzler in which they must swap the location of two objects to form horizontal or vertical sets of the same color. The game supports play for up to two.

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