Nintendo Store Update: Pucca's Kisses Game puckers up WiiWare

House of Mario ushers in interactive cartoon title next to two demos on download space; DSiWare adds Treasure Hunter X, Oscar in Toyland 2, and Panda Craze.


No Caption Provided Nintendo celebrates Valentine's Day not with heart-shaped boxes of chocolate or a bouquet of flowers but, rather, by adding four new games to its download hub.

First out of the gate this week on WiiWare is Bigben Interactive's Pucca's Kisses Game (500 Wii points, or $5). The title casts players as a young lady named Pucca who wants nothing more than to score a kiss from a ninja named Garu. Garu wants nothing to do with Pucca, but the young woman is resilient. The title sees players controlling Pucca through an interactive cartoon that plays out in episodes, ultimately leading to her encounter with Garu.

Pucca puckers up on WiiWare.
Pucca puckers up on WiiWare.

Nintendo also added two new WiiWare demos to the hub today, the first of which is for chick chick BOOM. The title has players flinging an array of artillery items like pianos, pink elephants, and sumo chicks at their opponents.

The other WiiWare demo now available is for Chronos Twins DX. Players can download the sample experience and try out the title, which mixes platforming, action, adventure, and puzzles.

Switching to the DSiWare, Nintendo added three new titles to the download space today, the first of which is Treasure Hunter X (200 DSi points, or $2). From Agetech Inc., the game has players traveling to the depths of canyons looking for treasure and other rare artifacts.

Also out now on DSiWare is Oscar in Toyland 2 (500 DSi points, or $5). The sequel to the 2009 original, Toyland 2 adds seven new worlds to the game. Players are tasked with swimming, flying, and running through the worlds to collect infant Oscars scattered throughout the terrain.

The last new DSiWare title out now is Panda Craze (500 DSi points, or $5). From TikGames, the puzzle title thrusts players into the paws of Tik-Ling, a female panda. As Tik-Ling, players will collect magical lanterns on each stage, and once all are collected, the next stage unlocks. Panda Craze sports 150 distinct levels in all, and new abilities and tools can be unlocked along the way.

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