Nintendo Store Update: Mighty Milky Way hits DSiWare

WayForward puzzle game hits portable download spot alongside Go Series Tower of Deus and Whack-a-Friend; WiiWare welcomes vintage BioWare action game MDK2.


No Caption Provided Nintendo added four new games to its downloadable storefronts this morning, including a J-pop-fueled intergalactic adventure and a rerelease of BioWare's first console game ever.

First out of the gate on DSiWare today is Mighty Milky Way (800 DSi points, or $8). From WayForward, makers of Shanate: Risky's Revenge and the revamped A Boy and His Blob, the game has players soaring through space as Luna, creating and destroying planets to solve puzzles. They'll also have to avoid the watchful laser eyes of a space-borne T-Rex.

Mighty Milky Way orbits DSiWare today.
Mighty Milky Way orbits DSiWare today.

Also out now on DSiWare is Go Series Tower of Deus (200 DSi points, or $2). The latest in the Go Series franchise, Tower of Deus tasks players with scaling a tower before time runs out. Gamers will destroy enemies through 40 distinct levels before the game is over.

The last new DSiWare game out now is Whack-a-Friend (200 DSi points, or $2). From Agetec, the game has players snapping pictures of their friends (or any other object) using the DSi's camera and then using that image as a target to whack.

Switching to the WiiWare download destination, Nintendo added just one new game to the spot today. Interplay's MDK2 (1,000 Wii points, or $10) has players attempting to reclaim Earth from a nefarious alien force. Gamers will play as Kurt Hectic, but they will also need to control Dr. Hawkins and the six-legged robot dog Max in the BioWare-developed action game originally released on the PC and Dreamcast back in 2000.

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