Nintendo Store Update: Let's Golf 3D

Gameloft hits the links with $7 downloadable 3DS game as Wii receives Brawl Brothers, Burn the Rope and DSiWare gets three more additions.


Nintendo today announced that 3DS early adopters will be soon be able to download 20 free Virtual Console games to their shiny new systems absolutely free of charge. However, the company didn't specify exactly when those titles will be made available. 3DS owners who'd like something new to play in the meantime have a new option today, as Gameloft's Let's Golf 3D leads the week's Nintendo Store Update.

Now 3DS owners can swing away with Let's Golf 3D.
Now 3DS owners can swing away with Let's Golf 3D.

Now available for $7, Let's Golf 3D allows players to hack their way through 108 holes in six different settings. The game also features a roster of eight customizable golfers and allows two-player simultaneous action.

Over on the Wii, the system's downloadable storefront gets something old, something new, something flammable, and something black and blue. First up on WiiWare is the Big Blue Bubble puzzle game Burn the Rope, which sells for 1,000 Wii points ($10) and requires players to strategically incinerate braided fibers. The Virtual Console catalog also sees the addition of Jaleco's Super Nintendo beat-'em-up Brawl Brothers.

The DSi sees a trio of new titles this week as well, with the $5 platformer Oscar's World Tour joined by Gamebridge's fast-paced palanquin chaser Portable Shrine Wars and BiP Media's breeding sim My Australian Farm. The latter two titles are available for $2 each.

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