Nintendo Store Update: Final Fantasy III

Latest update headlined by Wii Virtual Console getting Super Nintendo version of Final Fantasy VI as 3DS retro shop welcomes Kirby's Dream Land.


No Caption Provided Though Nintendo has "no plans" to bring Xenoblade to North America, Wii-owning lovers of role-playing games might be happy to know a Super Nintendo classic is headlining this week's additions to the console's downloadable storefront.

Leading the charge today is Final Fantasy III (800 Wii points, or $8) for the Virtual Console. Originally released on the SNES, the game--known as Final Fantasy VI in Japan--has players discovering who or what is behind of the redeployment of magical creatures known as Espers.

Final Fantasy III is given new life today on the Virtual Console.
Final Fantasy III is given new life today on the Virtual Console.

The other classic game now available again is Kirby's Dream Land ($4) for the 3DS's eShop. The first appearance of the digestive mascot, Dream Land has players retrieving stolen twinkle stars and saving the inhabitants of the land.

Switching to the WiiWare front, Nintendo added just one new game to the download spot today, Big Town Shoot Out (500 Wii points, or $5). From Performance Designed Products, the Wild West shooting game has players gunning through 40 levels, across 10 zones, and 10 game modes.

The DSiWare download hub welcomed four new games today, the first of which is Chillingo's Moto eXtreme (800 DSi points, or $8). The motorcycle game has players performing stunts and creating tracks with the system's stylus.

The final three DSiWare games out now are role-playing game The Lost Town - The Dust (500 DSi points, or $5), carnival title Boardwalk Ball Toss (200 DSi points, or $2), and card game compilation pack Hearts Spades Euchre (500 DSi points, or $5).

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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@DanielL5583 Yes he is! I don't know why you got two thumbs down for that statement either. I thumbed you up. :P

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@MessySlickJr I like how you said VI was overrated but have a sephiroth icon. XD

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Who hasn't played this already? Either as the original cartridge, or on their wii, a la HBC? Why throw this at us when your new console is just around the corner, and paying for a 15-20 yr old game that has already been played is silly.

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@pinicolaroxa Right on! Also no hour long play through tutorials at the beginning of the game.

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Couldn't be more excited

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You know one thing i like about old rpgs? No 3 hour cutscenes. I like better when you have to use your imagination.

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Final Fantasy 6... god I love that game, this is great. Perhaps the greatest Final Fantasy though I could go with 7 as well.

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Great game, but kind of overrated...

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@tom-cat-01 You might be making the occasional assumption, as well. I don't assume everyone on these boards is from the U.S. I'm not disagreeing that there might be an "Amero-centric" p.o.v. on these boards, but I take issue with your last sentence which accuses all of us as being guilty of it.

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@tu2pac I have never re-bought an old game that I owned at one time. I bought the SNES cartridge (FF3) for about $70 back in ~1994. Since my SNES no longer works, I feel like I have the right to play it on an emulator since I still own the old cartridge. I can't speak for everyone, however...

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@Kriggy Actually, you're the one who's wrong. I'm NOT IN THE US! And so FF3 and FF6 were NOT the same games here. Anybody else get tired of the Amero-centric point of view people have on these boards. Everyone assumes that everybody else is in the US.

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@Vambran that's awesome. I'm definitely waiting for that instead of this re-release. Sooooooo glad I have a 3DS :)

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@Leir_Bag The Escapist, got word from S.E. They wanted to do a DS port of 5 and 6 but switched over to the 3DS instead.

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@KefkaKamiDesu I'm actually kinda jealous! Uematsu is God!

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@INewIRave Or rather, you could buy the original game on the Wii Virtual Console for a meagre £6.30. There's no excuse.

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I recently got my copy of Final Fantasy III(VI) for the SNES signed by Nobuo Uematsu at Distant Worlds: Chicago. ^_^

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@eternal_blade3 That's a completely different game. This is Final Fantasy VI.

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Ok, this game is one of the best FF's ever made, the best in my opinion, but it's re-release does not change anything. I still fell angry for the "no plans" to localize The Last Story and Xenoblade. NOA is just as blind as Sega of America during the Sega Saturn heyday.

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@Vambran Really? they'll remake Finak Fantasy V and VI? Can you show me some information about it? (I really didn't know)

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FFIII on DS > FFIII on any other system. Same with FFIV.

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Great games never get old, just seasoned!

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3DS shop needs to pull its finger out with some specially designed software soon, its been a month almost and not even a peep out of a single developer about 3DS content they are developing

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@drokmore lol just clean the system and the game cartridge i still have my nes and snes and they both work fine, no blinky light of death, nothing wrong with it at all

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i swear they already remade final fantasy 3 into final fantasy 6 advance or something similar for ga,eboy which you can just get an emulator for...

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This news is ridiculously late in regards to FFVI. But anyways, I have had it for a month now, and I am in love with it! It's perhaps the best game ever made!

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@banderweir ... then stop buying old ones ... Then they'll have no choice other than to sell you new ones. But if everyone buys remakes of 3DS titles, they still make they $ from Western countries ...

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Yay for FF III!

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Xenoblade now!!or get the F out

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Huh? FF3 has been in the the Wii shop for ages. I bought it on PSN though cos that's the PSX version.

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FF3!!! :-))))))

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I like FF3 (6?) as much as anyone and have played through it at least 15 times, but we want NEW GOOD RPGs Nintendo. Stop making us replay old ones...

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@tom_cat_01 Sadly your statement is completely false. ff VI and ff III are the same games, the only difference is that ff VI has those beautiful cutscenes. As a matter of fact, ff VII was released before ff VI. You may ask yourself "why?" and the answer to that question is that ff VI was supposed to be the same game as ff III but with better graphics (like Halflife Source etc). But Square Enix got rejected by Nintendo who owned the title and wasn't allowed to improve the graphics any futher. And then meanwhile they released (at least here in europe) ff VII - IX due to all negotiations about ff VI.

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If I didn't already own Final Fantasy III for the SNES I would have downloaded it. Same goes for Chrono Trigger too.

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@i_like_pie123 at least we can play FF3 on the DS that'll have to do for now but it would be nice if all the nintendo FF's were released on Wii VC WITH the proper numbering (1-6)

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@drokmore Do old consoles break? I thought that was some next gen crap.

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yes actually it was brought out for PSOne. It was part of the package of Final Fantasy anthology. it included Final Fantasy 5 and 6 (which is 3 in America). i agree that they need to bring an upgraded version of this game to Xbox360 or PS3.

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seriously why wont someone actually make the real ff3 on a console

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III = 3!!! OH dear gamespot. I was excited then, as 3 was the only one never released for PSone.

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Release Xenoblade in NA already. I don't need another FFIII after finishing the original SNES and PSX remakes for so many times.

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Final Fantasy 6 was the greatest final fantasy ever.

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Why Kirby on the eshop, whyyyyy!?!??

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Awesome! Too bad my Wii's been collecting dust for a year. Go Nintendo!!

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About time... Now all the people who haven't experienced FF6, but have FF7 can now experience FF6 and understand that Locke > Cloud, Kefka > Sephiroth and FF6 > FF7 in terms of story, amount of characters to play with that are unique, and the execution of bringing everyone's story together!

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Lol dont need it, I still have my original copy for the SNES...if it still works.

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the title of this article should have been Final Fantasy IV considering that the remake of Final Fantasy III was correctly numbered and can confuse some people :-p

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If my roman numerals is correct, doesn't III mean 3? 0.0

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FFVI, one of the finest games I've ever played and by far the best soundtrack.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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