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Nintendo Store Update: Final Fantasy III

Latest update headlined by Wii Virtual Console getting Super Nintendo version of Final Fantasy VI as 3DS retro shop welcomes Kirby's Dream Land.


No Caption Provided Though Nintendo has "no plans" to bring Xenoblade to North America, Wii-owning lovers of role-playing games might be happy to know a Super Nintendo classic is headlining this week's additions to the console's downloadable storefront.

Leading the charge today is Final Fantasy III (800 Wii points, or $8) for the Virtual Console. Originally released on the SNES, the game--known as Final Fantasy VI in Japan--has players discovering who or what is behind of the redeployment of magical creatures known as Espers.

Final Fantasy III is given new life today on the Virtual Console.
Final Fantasy III is given new life today on the Virtual Console.

The other classic game now available again is Kirby's Dream Land ($4) for the 3DS's eShop. The first appearance of the digestive mascot, Dream Land has players retrieving stolen twinkle stars and saving the inhabitants of the land.

Switching to the WiiWare front, Nintendo added just one new game to the download spot today, Big Town Shoot Out (500 Wii points, or $5). From Performance Designed Products, the Wild West shooting game has players gunning through 40 levels, across 10 zones, and 10 game modes.

The DSiWare download hub welcomed four new games today, the first of which is Chillingo's Moto eXtreme (800 DSi points, or $8). The motorcycle game has players performing stunts and creating tracks with the system's stylus.

The final three DSiWare games out now are role-playing game The Lost Town - The Dust (500 DSi points, or $5), carnival title Boardwalk Ball Toss (200 DSi points, or $2), and card game compilation pack Hearts Spades Euchre (500 DSi points, or $5).

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