Nintendo slashes 3DS prices

Handheld price drops to $169 in North America, by "around a third" in Europe; Nintendo to give 20 free GBA and NES Virtual Console games to early adopters.


In response to a financial statement that slashed the firm's full-year profit forecast and announced disappointing launch sales for the 3DS, Nintendo today announced it was cutting the price of its new handheld globally by up to 40 percent. These price cuts will come into effect on August 12, Nintendo said.

The 3DS price is being cut globally.
The 3DS price is being cut globally.

In Japan the price of the handheld is dropping 40 percent to ¥15,000; in the US it is dropping 32 percent to $169.00; and in Australia gamers will see the price drop 29 percent to AU$249.99. Gamers in Europe will hope to see similar reductions; Nintendo UK confirmed to GameSpot that the trade price of the console will be dropping by "around a third" but did not offer concrete information since exact pricing is set by retailers.

By way of compensation to those who have bought the handheld at the higher price, Nintendo also announced that it will be giving 20 free downloadable games for existing 3DS owners. While half of the games released as part of the so-called "Nintendo 3DS Ambassador" programme will be available on the Nintendo eShop at a later date, the company said, the other half will be exclusive to the early adopters.

Ten NES virtual console titles--including Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong Jr., Balloon Fight, Ice Climber, and The Legend of Zelda--will be released first to members of the programme and will appear on the Nintendo eShop at a later date. Programme members will also get 10 GBA virtual console games--including Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3, Mario Kart: Super Circuit, Metroid Fusion, WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$, and Mario vs. Donkey Kong--that Nintendo says it has no plans to release to the general public. Any 3DS owners who connect to the Nintendo eShop before midnight US Eastern time on August 11 will be automatically entered into the programme.

More details on the programme will be announced "in the future," Nintendo said.

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The problem here is that there's poor marketting and only Nintendo can be blamed. They've released the DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL... and now the 3DS... hey, who knows - there may even be a 3DS Lite any time soon... If they keep recycling the DS, people are just gonna assume it's nothing major and just extra gimmicks. If Nintendo differentiated the hardware a bit more and marketted it as being 'more than a typical DS', then maybe the sales wouldn't be as bad. Another reason would be the lack of AAA titles coming to the 3DS. There are a few, but most of them appeal to the Nintendo fanboy. Some gamers may be interested in more advanced, higher quality versions of games like Call of Duty and Fifa (the current DS versions are just SHOCKING). So no - it's nothing to do with the state of the economy... if so, why is the PS Vita being pre-ordered as much? Clearly, people are more concerned about content so it's purely marketting.

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i might get mine later this month or early next month

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I tried a demo model in Best Buy and was not impressed at all with the 3D. You had to view it at just the right angle and even then it seemed fuzzy or something. Something was just off about it. Pass at any price for me.

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Slashes? Axe-murders, you mean.

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@ digi-demon No, it really was because no one wanted this thing. The only difference between it and the DSi, lite, or DSiXL was the 3D effect. This is the same thing that happened to the PSP Go, except the 3DS actually sold some units and actually has a future.

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hey about u get off the bandwagon u call Nintendo and read what it said: "In response to a financial statement that slashed the firm's full-year profit forecast and announced disappointing launch sales for the 3DS" clearly...nintendo thought they would sell more 3ds' than they did, and are now slashing prices desperately to make up some kinda profit.... and its not the poor economic climate...its the fact that no one wanted to buy this thing for 250 dollars when they could just wait for 3ds lite, 3ds XL, 3dsi, 3dsXXL, 3dsi lite, 3dsi XL and buy this for about 100 bucks instead of shelling out 250 from the start...christ, its already half way there dropping to 160 bucks....but im still not buying this thing since i'll be buying a vita cuz i couldn't give two sh*ts about 3d

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Some people are just so negative towards new tech. Imo the poor economic climate reason that 3DS sales slowed - no other. I own all major consoles and most if not all have had a weaker release day line-up. Remember PS2? Also many consoles have suffered a price reduction not long after their release - N64, Xbox, PS1... these consoles became anything but failures to the companies and loyal gamers who continued to support them. Seems that it is the 'short-sighted' narrow minded lemmings that are struggling with most with the 3DS sales. Word of advice - it makes good sense to actually take the time to play any system before you attempt to bash it eh. Also, the only REAL way to play games is the legally correct way :D...& not via. scummy emu's :( No REAL gamer would seriously consider using an emu... bad... bad...very bad. - Lmao @ fanboys and blaggers.

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@digi-demon Just like I thought, you started something you couldn't win. Typical fanboy silliness. Buying the 3DS right now would not give me these lazy ports. Still no reason to buy one. I also already own these games and playing them in HD thanks to the wonders of emulators more than satisfy me. Stop trying to justify your purchase and admit the 3DS' launch was an epic failure. Then, you'll be qualified to post on this article. Edit: Oh and by the way, a system's horsepower or features has nothing to do with the games. It's painfully obvious but since you brought it up...

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holy sht...cutting the price by 80.00!? damn this is pretty obvious what this means. nintendo is desperate because not many ppl including myself didnt buy a 3ds or knowing nintendos past whic is a bit soon anyway but they have done it...a 2nd external or intenral design of the 3ds might be in the works i mean gameboy advance had 3 external design chages: the original design of the gameboy advance,the 1st external redesign which was the gameboy advance SP and the 2 external redesign which was the gameboy micro .DS also with 4 external designs of its hardware DS,DS Lite,DSI and DSI XL so im holding on my 3DS purchase for quite a bit especially since im mostly a sony fan and i know other than 1st party titles i know the PSvita will get enhanced ports its 3rd party games like RE:mercs 3D and revelations not regarding this 3D feature the 3DS have...the Vita will have it in either a firmware upgrade or a hardware external redesign of the vita..its inevitable...being patient pays off so unless its not a 1st party title i know the Vita ports would be better

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Seems someone is taking this far to personal... hey, I still like my PSP - even though 3DS is obviously the most powerful handeld on the market. I tried to plug in my PS3 on the bus the other day but I couldn't find the power point anywhere? Btw, just got my LOZ :OOT 3D limited edition soundtrack CD in the post :) am looking forward to my 20x DLC games too 8). Thanks Nintendo :D. Sorry but it was only available to OOT3D customers who bought it within 1st two week of release - lmao @ people who wait

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<< LINK REMOVED >> 20x DLC games? Do you mean games with tons of DLC, like Gods Eater Burst, Monster Hunter, Peace Walker? At the end of the day the 3DS is only a small bump above the PSP in hardware, especially when you consider the fact that the second screen and the 3D effect eats away at performance. The PSP gets twice the battery life of the 3DS, didn'tchaknow, and its screen is higher resolution than the 3DS' top screen. Also, ha, the PSP costs $130 while the 3DS costs $170, and when you consider the fact that you paid $250 for your 3DS(which has an inferior online library to the PSP's, gets worse battery life, doesn't have anywhere near as vast a library and isn't much more powerful than the PSP) you clearly don't understand the meaning of the word VALUE. Nintendo picked extremely energy-inefficient components to save a few dollars per system, instead of picking much more powerful, much more energy-efficient CPUs like ARM processors(which were used in the DS, back when cutting corners wasn't their first priority) they went with the slightly cheaper, inferior-in-every-way option. To that, I obnoxiously say "hahahaha, waaaahahaha" and acknowledge, as a previously almost-Nintendo-exclusive gamer, that they dun goofed.

The PSP has a 333 MHz CPU, 2mb of VRAM and 64mb of RAM.

The 3DS has a 266 MHz dual-core CPU, 4mb of VRAM and 128mb of RAM... and it's rendering for two screens, one in 3D, significantly lowering the quality you actually see on-screen.

The Vita has a 1 GHz quad-core CPU, 128mb of VRAM and 512mb of RAM. It has a 960x544 resolution screen(as opposed to the sickeningly low-resolution 3DS screen that's 400x240) and two analog sticks, a capacitive touchscreen and even a capacitive rear touchpad for accurate touch controls without covering the screen or having to take one of your hands off the controls. In every single way the Vita is better than the 3DS- except the memory cards, but even at $380 my 32gb Vita's better than a $200 32gb 3DS considering the Vita's a true bump above last-gen hardware and the 3DS is playing catch-up.

The 3DS' release was like finding out that Santa Claus doesn't exist, that this thing I loved so much in years past is suddenly crap. It's like finding out that I have to have a job and actually work to live, like realizing that your parents actually adopted you or something equally depressing. I've gone through all the stages of grief over the 3DS, something I'm kinda ashamed to admit. I'm in the acceptance phase. I now understand that Nintendo isn't worth anyone's money and I'm not giving them any of my dosh until they stop cutting every corner possible and give a true next-gen system on par with the competition. Modern Nintendo is shameful, all I can think to do is either blame it on casual money making Nintendo rot from the core or on the stupidity of current Nintendo executives. I mean, hell, they're so cheap they're losing money off their decisions, launching the 3DS at $250 with unimpressive hardware and then having to lower its price to $170 because IT'S ONLY WORTH THAT MUCH, in fact I'd put its actual worth at around $150 compared to the DS and PSP.

Fun fact: as a pet project I gave myself 30 minutes to Google around for prices on 2010 handheld game system components, their power and their energy efficiency, their weight and all these other things and designed a handheld system much, MUCH better than the 3DS at only around $200. Add bulk discounts to the mix and you've got proof that Nintendo's hardware designers are imbeciles.

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Now should i buy it.... no way i am gonna wait longer its still new and I am not missing that many games. I am pretty happy with my ds.

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@ All Nintendo fanboys: Please please stop blindly defending your company and just admit (not cloud) just ADMIT that the 3DS had a terrible launch. It has potential don't get me wrong but it still has a sour amount of good games ATM. Also please quite being hypocrytes with your blessed 'Innovation' card. N64 and GB remakes in 3D!? Heck even the upcoming MGS game is a PS2 remake. There isn't anything wrong with that? Fine then don't accuse other companies of rehashing when your own beloved is doing the exact same thing.

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@digi-demon I don't need to. I buy a system for the games, not silly gimmicks like 3D. There's barely anything worth playing on it right now except for OoT and SFIV. I completed OoT 30 times and I already own the latter on PS3. I was telling myself I would simply wait for more games to come out (you know, Resident Evil/Rayman/Paper Mario 3/KH/StarFox/Animal Crossing/Mario/F-Zero...) but since you sound so qualified, knowledgeable and professional, I suppose there is another mysterious reason that would justify a purchase today?

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Nintendo better get their skates on and penetrate the market soon... Because the Playstation Vita may give them a run for their money. They really need to establish the 3DS firmly before Sony makes their move. It will be interesting to see how this pans out.

Avatar image for digi-demon
digi-demon played on a 3DS yet then? if so explain why? or else why not go find another news story - maybe one you can qualify commenting on ;) .

Avatar image for Rovelius

@digi-demon You're wrong there buddy. I love Nintendo. But the 3DS fails hard right now and I doubt even a 40% price cut will change anything.

Avatar image for digi-demon

@decoy1978 No worries...although I don't rate the Kirby franchise myself - all the Kirby games I've played were shallower than puddle, but each to their own eh :D @Rovelius Hmm nice avatar pic...a strange choice for a Non-Nintendo lemming though...;)

Avatar image for Rovelius

lol 3DS...

Avatar image for Wormkid_64

@ Masta_Rix Um,there's 2D and 3D. The only "true 3D" you see is the real world. All movies and games are using some form of illusion to trick your brain into seeing 3D,which if done well,looks real.If done wrong,you get a double image. I own a 3DS,and with the camera,I've created 3D effects better than some I've seen in the movies.

Avatar image for dstv

Thats 4 dollars more expensive than the DSIXL ....nintendo reasoning *facepalm*

Avatar image for decoy1978

@thesand212 I agree! Whats the point of buying old NES/SNES/GB games when an emulator will suffice. I would however not mind TWO free games or even ONE 3DS games as gift for early adopters!

Avatar image for thesand212

they should give us at least 5 games

Avatar image for decoy1978

@digi-demon Kirby is awesome man! Old school and all that. Who wouldn't want an bottomless pit of a stomach. He devours enemies and absorbs their powers like a fluffy pink zombie! Been a Kirby fan since his gameboy days, so I'm old and old school. With that said, N64 was good console with poor support. Nintendo just did NOT want 3rd Party developers back in the day making games for them. They relied too heavily on their Mario Factory. And waiting nearly 4-5 months for a AAA title is not a good idea. I don't mind the 3DS, but I already played their games a LONG time ago. And this SCREAMS Virtual Boy all over again! I just hope that X-mas season Nintendo gets their act together and starts releasing some games.

Avatar image for digi-demon

@decoy1978 Hmm... so you a Kirby fan then? Kirby is not exactly with the hip and trendy these days... so its pretty much like N64's OOT so to speak. Oh, forgot to ask, you do know who Kirby is then?

Avatar image for digi-demon

The 3DS design is pretty much perfect so cant see nintendo doing anything to redesign it. Well, that is unless they downgrade some of the materials used in order to lower manufacturing costs... and thus probably cheapen the quality look and feel of it :( IMO any smart Nintendo fan still sitting on on the fence would get it August 12 or soon after :D

Avatar image for TrueProphecy22

@ Masta_Rix I'm not sure what you mean by "true 3D". I've played this system and some of the titles are very impressive.

Avatar image for decoy1978

If your biggest game is a remake of something that was released 13 years ago... your screwed.

Avatar image for BLKCrystilMage

Nintendo made fans of a lot of casual gamers while forsaking true gamers. Facebook et. al. released games that cost $2 or less, thereby captivating the same crowd. Nintendo released a comically overpriced handheld with little effort put into its making and game catalogue, and stories of their recent successes are now about as relevant as Chuck Norris jokes (read: not at all). If Nintendo wishes to stay afloat, they will likely be forced to abandon this "innovating" that they have been doing in favor of more traditional gaming. MORAL OF THE STORY: When the natural order of things is disturbed, it will employ measures to correct itself.

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I feel bad for all those who thought it was true 3d and bought at full price and then this happens after they didn't return the item and were loyal to nintendogs. Where the funk is skyward sword already? Metroid sucked it was super easy and pointless. I want some multiplayer online wii game for those damn wii motion plus controls I have.

Avatar image for zaiwen

Will wait for 3DS Lite, by then AAA titles are out

Avatar image for Joser15

I loved the concept a lot, but when i finally got to test one out it really messed w/ my eyes big time and this is coming from me as a gamer who has played a ton of games haha watever

Avatar image for renji4eva

i knew i would get something good if i just waited for it. thank you nintendo

Avatar image for X_Colbert_X

Well at that price, the 3DS is a very attractive system and considering the lineup Nintendo has for the remainder of the fiscal year, I'd say this is a great time to get one. Oh, and Costco is selling them at the 169 USD price right now, so you can still get in on the Ambassador program while also taking advantage of the price cut.

Avatar image for Blazakenki

The price is tempting but nintendo has a habit of releasing an upgraded version,so to speak, of a pre-existing handheld. Ex:GBA,GBA SP. DS,DSLITE,DSI,DSI XL. So im gonna wait for the "upgraded" version of the 3DS then buy one. Also most of the games for it that i want, aren't even out yet.

Avatar image for fantasyfacade

I'm still rocking the DSlite. Don't see myself investing in a 3DS until more good games come out for it.

Avatar image for JarOfGunz

Canadians get an unfair advantage. They get a sale $199.99 and they get the free 20 GBA or SNES games. I'm Canadian so I don't mind (But the store hastles, I mean I checked gamestop (eb in some canadian locations) best buy and wal mart, they didn't have the games >:|)

Avatar image for deathblow3

@DarthVeng_basic they didn't stop selling it, they stop taking orders for like 2 days to make sure they didn't get a bad batch. that is not what i call stop selling something. this type of thing happens all the time i don't see why it was even news unless they decided to never carry the 3ds again. which was not the case. anyway your statement is wrong because stop selling and not currently taking orders is not the same thing.

Avatar image for Frame_Dragger

@mario-nin-freak: Don't sweat it, everyone gets a little pissed off now and then.

Avatar image for mario-nin-freak

@Frame_Dragger Sorry, I wasn't trying to be mean.

Avatar image for warhawk-geeby

@Larouche911 Never heard a man speak so much sense. We're being spoon-fed crap we don't want.

Avatar image for Larouche911

I personally think that the over-emphasis on movement and 3d gaming is causing developers to focus their minds on lesser markets. Personally, I know lots of other gamers, and most of them prefer the traditional style of play. I'm estimating that 1 out of 5 of my friends has a 'movement'-based console, and they ALL tend to collect dust. I know the market exists for those styles of gaming, but they really need to stop focusing on it so hard and diverting money into fruitless endeavors. That being said, I expect a whole lot of hate and some love... :) Oh, and I don't know about other people, but a lot of my money tends to go towards good arcade games and dlc more than anything these days. Kinect IMHO is idiotic. You hear that its sales prove its popularity, but that's sort of bull considering they bundle it with what people really want... The actual console!

Avatar image for LgacyX6

The Ambassador Program is what I'm looking forward to. I got my 3DS since launch and I didn't regret it.

Avatar image for bballabarry

might actually consider buying now, oh wait nvm I'll wait another 2 months for another price drop

Avatar image for Frame_Dragger

@digi-demon: Ha! Thanks digi, and I know what you mean; sleep well. :D

Avatar image for digi-demon

@Frame_Dragger understand completely as I know that feeling - 'd-d needs sleep badly' :lol: Btw, I usually resort to reading the GS news as it helps induce a power-nap zzzzz... zzzz... zzz.. ;)

Avatar image for Frame_Dragger

@digi-demon: Assuming sadly. I don't have a portable system on the grounds that if I did, I wouldn't have time to read, or sleep. Still, a lot of people seem hesitant to drop a system that is still very popular, and go for the upgrade. Now that the price has dropped, maybe that will change. Certainly 3DS exclusives would change that situation, I think...

Avatar image for ash162

Already! Thats not much confidence!! Wonder what they will do when the vita comes out!

Avatar image for packtop

@muzza93 price change from a country to another because of how much the material cost to make the hardware. US is one of the place where material cost the lowest so that why most country have to pay more even though sometime the currency of that country worth more then the US currency

Avatar image for digi-demon

@Frame_Dragger Regards DS owners happy to stay with current hardware - you seem to make a very good point. You are going to stick with your DS for a while longer then? or are you just assuming to know how other Nintendo fans are feeling?