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Nintendo ships 100 millionth DS, Mario Kart DS tops 10 million

[UPDATE] 83 DS games sell over 1 million, with Nintendogs, New Super Mario Bros, Brain Age, Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, Brain Age 2, and Animal Crossing: Wild World going deca-platinum.


Nintendo's continued dominance of the game-industry landscape was further underlined today. This morning, the Kyoto-based company announced that sometime last week, the 100 millionth unit of its DS portable was shipped out to retailers. Last year, the platform surpassed the 81 million-plus international sales of its predecessor, the Game Boy Advance.

Remember when a dual-screened handheld seemed like a crazy idea?
Remember when a dual-screened handheld seemed like a crazy idea?

Today's figure--which covers shipments in all territories worldwide--includes all three versions of the handheld: The original DS (2004-2006), the DS Lite (2006-current), and the DSi, which launched in Japan last November. The new camera- and browser-enabled version of the device will be available in Europe on April 3 and in North America on April 5.

"Consumers have shown their love for Nintendo DS--100 million times over," Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime said with typical swagger in a statement. "We are grateful that people of all ages continue to respond to our products, and we will continue to look for ways to please current gamers and create new ones."

Nintendo's gloating didn't stop with DS hardware shipments. The game giant also announced that 83 DS games have shipped more than 1 million units, with seven games topping sales of 10 million worldwide. [UPDATE] Nintendo confirmed to GameSpot those titles are: Nintendogs, New Super Mario Bros. Brain Age, Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, Mario Kart DS, Brain Age 2, and Animal Crossing: Wild World.

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