Nintendo Selects Ultimate PokeMOM

Nintendo's nationwide online contest to find the Ultimate PokeMOM concludes.


Nintendo of America announced on Wednesday that its nationwide online contest to find the "Ultimate PokeMOM" has come to a conclusion. After searching through more than 16,000 entries, the company has declared Diane Bergquist of Bellingham, Wash., the "Ultimate PokeMOM."

Mrs. Bergquist was chosen for her high scores in such categories as Poke-dedication and Poke-knowledge. As the winner of the contest she will receive a day of pampering and a US$1,000 shopping spree in New York City. Also, her family will ride around Manhattan in an official Pokemobile - a VW beetle that has been customized to resemble the popular Pokemon character Pikachu.

"It was an extremely tough decision for us to pick the winner. The winning essays were heartfelt and entertaining. We could have easily awarded all of the semifinalists the Ultimate PokeMOM ," said Gail Tilden, Nintendo's vice president of product development and acquisition. "It's obvious from the overwhelming number of responses that parents have joined in the fun of the Pokemon craze and have enjoyed learning the games and the characters' special skills together with their kids."

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