Nintendo rolls out DS dates

Dalmatians trot to US in October, Yoshi goes back to the Island in November, Kirby squeaks out a squad in December; GBA FFV also dated for November.


Now that just about every single gamer has gone out and picked up a DS Lite, it's time Nintendo cashed in even more with software for the handheld. Today, the company announced final release dates for several DS games (and one Game Boy Advance game) that it is publishing.

October goes to the dogs, as the fourth Nintendogs title, Dalmatian and Friends, gets gamers' tails wagging on the 16th. The game was previously released in Europe, and will include six breeds of dogs. More critters hit the DS later that month, when Pokemon Ranger arrives on the 30th.

The all-important holiday season for the DS begins on November 6, when the quirky cheerleading action of Elite Beat Agents prances into stores. If a rhythm-based male revue doesn't sound appealing, Yoshi's Island 2, set for release on November 13, offers classic platform gaming.

December 4 will see a pair of DS titles hit shelves. The game that has players building robots and blowing up robots, Custom Robo Arena, will be released that Monday. Also arriving at retail will be the latest adventure for Kirby, which was today officially named Kirby Squeak Squad.

As for other platforms, Nintendo also announced the release date for Final Fantasy V Advance for the Game Boy Advance. Square Enix's role-playing game will begin adventuring November 6. And while it's not exactly news, it is good to hear that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is still on track for a fall release on both the GameCube and Wii.

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