Nintendo Rolls Out Another Splatoon Weapon Tonight

Following the NES Zapper and paintbrush last week, we get the Splash-o-Matic today.


Following last week's additions, Nintendo is bringing yet another new weapon to Splatoon's multiplayer mode later today.

The latest weapon to be added to the roster is the Splash-o-Matic. It shoots rapidly but doesn't have much spread to its shots (and may struggle to smash various fruits and vegetables). The official blog also notes that it "could be said to be a bit lacking in attack power, but zero in on a target and they'll burst in no time flat." When using it, you'll have access to Suction Bombs as your sub-weapon and Bomb Rush as your special weapon.

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You'll be able to start using the Splash-o-Matic tonight, June 12, at 7 PM PT. That's the same time that Nintendo has been using to bring new content to the game; last week, it introduced a NES Zapper-inspired weapon and a giant paintbrush, as well as the game's ranked multiplayer mode.

Despite releasing toward the end of May, Splatoon was the fifth best-selling game in the US on the NPD Group's May sales charts, which track new, physical sales at retail. The chart also combines sales of a single game across platforms, so it's possible it could have been even higher if platforms were split up. Also keep in mind that the NPD's numbers don't track digital sales through the eShop.

More content is planned for Splatoon throughout the summer, including a major update in August. For more on the game, check out GameSpot's review.

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