Nintendo revives GameCube production

Nintendo resumes Cube manufacturing; revs up production to meet predicted spike in holiday sales.


TOKYO--Anticipating increased holiday sales of GameCube, Nintendo resumed GameCube production in October, the Nikkei Journal reported.

Nintendo had revealed during the summer that it had halted the production of GameCube consoles in January, due to a large stock of units in both warehouses and on retailer shelves. In an effort to increase sales this fall, Nintendo made price cuts in all regions: the console's price dropped to $99 in the U.S., 79 Euros ($90) in the UK, and 14,000 yen ($127) in Japan. Nintendo reported that the price cuts have been responsible for dramatic unit sales increases in all markets.

In related news, yesterday's Wall Street Journal reported that George Harrison, senior vice president of marketing at Nintendo of America, expects that during the months of November and December, Nintendo will sell two million GameCubes in the U.S. market.

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