Nintendo reveals new WarioWare Inc.

Game Boy Advance game to use built-in sensor instead of D pad; Pokémon Emerald, F-Zero Climax, and Zoids Versus III also on display at Nintendo's retailer exhibition.


TOKYO--According to retailers that participated in Nintendo's latest exhibition, the company will release a new WarioWare game for the Game Boy Advance. The new WarioWare will have more than 200 new minigames and more than 100 bonus minigames that can be unlocked by playing through boss stages.

Titled "Mawaru Made in Wario" in Japanese, the game translates to "Spinning WarioWare Inc." in English. Appropriate to the title, the new WarioWare game is reportedly played by turning, moving around, and tilting the handheld device itself. The attached sensor will pick up the GBA’s movement and relay it into the game. As such, the new WarioWare will make no use of the handheld's directional pad. Mawaru Made in Wario is slated for release in Japan on October 14, at the retail price of 4,800 yen ($43).

In other news from its exhibition, Nintendo revealed that Pokémon Emerald on the GBA can be played with the e+ Card reader. There will be 83 cards available in total for Pokémon Emerald, which will retail starting on October 7 at 200 yen ($1.8) per pack. By reading up to eight cards with the e+ Card reader at a location in the game called Trainer Hill, the player can call out different enemy trailers and floor maps. The game will be released in Japan on September 16 for 4,800 yen ($43).

Additionally, the newly announced F-Zero Climax for the GBA reportedly plays in a style similar to the original SNES game and F-Zero GP Legend, but it now has a new technique where the player can spin around and destroy opponents' cars. F-Zero Climax will also have a course edit mode, which allows players to create their own racing tracks. The game is scheduled for a fall release

Tomy's Zoids Versus III for the GameCube was also shown at the exhibit. The game will allow four players to play simultaneously, either against each other or in different team matchups. The number of Zoids in the game will be greatly increased, and Zoids from the new TV anime series Zoids Future, which will begin broadcasting in Japan starting October 3, will be included in the game. Zoids Versus III will be released in Japan on September 30 at the retail price of 7,140 yen ($64). The first 50,000 shipments of the game will come with a free Ptero-Zoid figure, which can attach to the Rayse Tiger figure that was released last month.

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