Nintendo responds to Wii release rumors

Flurry of prognostications doesn't deter Wii-maker from its course; company says big announcement now coming <i>in</i> September.


An avalanche of Wii news hit the Web yesterday, sending Nintendophiles into a frenzy. The topic was one of the most highly guarded secrets in the industry--the release date of the Wii.

Early in the morning, an article in (no joke) Sports Illustrated for Kids showed the release date of the console as November 6. Nintendo claimed the date was purely speculation by the magazine.

A few hours later, CNN/Money's Chris Morris revealed some info that he received while talking to analysts and industry insiders. Among the insights were that the Wii may already be in production, and that the console could launch as early as late September.

Nintendo's PR people were hard at work again today, and gave few clues as to whether any of the rumors are true. A spokesperson for the news service Bloomberg said, "There's no change in our plan to release the console in the last quarter of this year. We are planning an announcement in September and it may be causing some confusion."

Nintendo's reassurance that the console would launch in the fourth quarter does dispel the thought that the Wii could launch in late September, as the fourth quarter begins in October.

The choice of the words "in September" vary slightly from a previous statement from Nintendo, which said that the release date and price would be available by September. Nintendo fans, it sounds like the newswires may be a little quiet until then.

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