Nintendo Pushes Switch Production To 2 Million A Month

Supply might finally meet demand.


It's no secret that the Nintendo Switch is in high demand. With an infamous history of missing the mark when it comes to supply meeting demand, Switch production is looking more optimistic as Nintendo has reportedly increased production to a massive two million units a month.

DigiTimes reports the increase is meant to finally help meet the high demand for the console in Asia as well as meet Nintendo's target production numbers. In just 2017, the company is aiming to reach 20 million units.

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But even with the increase in production, Nintendo Switch consoles are still in short supply in Japan and won't be available in Taiwan until this December. The console is expected to launch in China in 2018, and with the recent support of Tencent, the move to get the console in the country could be very lucrative.

As far as how the increase will affect the Americas and Europe, time will tell, but we're hopeful for this holiday season. For more Switch news, makes sure to check out some of the most recent titles to hit the Eshop and the latest look at Super Mario Odyssey.

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