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Nintendo President Resumes Regular Work Schedule Following Tumor Removal

Satoru Iwata says he lost weight but feels healthier following removal of tumor from bile duct.

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Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has returned to work following surgery in June where doctors removed a tumor from his bile duct. Speaking today during Nintendo's latest earnings presentation, Iwata said he is now feeling healthy enough to return to his normal work obligations.

According to Reuters, Iwata said he lost weight but feels healthier overall. Nintendo's profit turnaround probably made him feel better, too. Today's appearance was Iwata's first in front of reporters since the surgery, which caused him to miss E3 and other financial presentations.

As Reuters points out, Iwata has faced increased scrutiny regarding his longheld stance to develop Nintendo games only for its own consoles and not mobile devices such as iPhones and tablets.

However, Iwata's vision for Nintendo is now proving somewhat successful, as the Mario maker today announced a profit for the latest reporting period during which Wii U sales doubled.

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