Nintendo powers on Classic Controller Pro in Japan

Wii's Virtual Console-oriented gamepad sees aesthetic rejiggering, due for launch in island nation this summer.


Arguably the biggest reason for Nintendo's success with the Wii has been the system's reliance on the motion-sensing Wii Remote. However, the controller often isn't ideal for more traditional gameplay, especially for titles that fall in Nintendo's extensive back catalog rereleased through the Virtual Console. To compensate, the publisher also offers the Classic Controller (pictured, bottom), which features a layout more akin to Microsoft's and Sony's dual-thumbstick gamepads.

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Now, Nintendo's more traditional controller is in store for a revamp, as Nintendo's Japanese Web site has revealed the Classic Controller Pro (pictured, top). The most immediate change to the gamepad is that the ZR and ZL shoulder buttons have been moved behind the two existing top inputs, as opposed to being beside them.

The Classic Controller Pro also now features protruding hand grips similar to those seen on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3's gamepads. Lastly, the Wii Remote connection cord now extends from the top of the controller, instead of from the bottom.

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The Classic Controller Pro is expected to launch in Japan this summer. Nintendo did not reveal a release window for other regions and had not responded to GameSpot's request for comment as of press time. Pricing information for the new peripheral was not announced.

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