Nintendo Player's Choice range grows

Nintendo announces that six GameCube games will be carrying lower price tags before the end of this month.


Nintendo has today announced that no fewer than six of its award-winning GameCube games will be carrying new, lower price tags starting September 25. Three new games are being added to the Player's Choice $29.99 range, while three of the games that have already been available at that price for some time will have their prices reduced even further to just $19.99. The games covered by today's announcement are as follows:

$29.99 on September 25
Metroid Prime
Animal Crossing
Super Mario Sunshine

$19.99 on September 25
Star Fox Adventures
Luigi's Mansion

The packaging of games in the Player's Choice range is marked with a bright yellow border that makes them easy to spot in stores. Super Smash Bros. Melee has also been available as a Player's Choice game for some time and currently sells for $29.99.

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Nintendo needs to discount its first party games sooner. They are taking too damn long to do it on the Wii. Hopefully Wii U titles get discounted quicker.