Nintendo Pennant Chase Baseball Impressions

Exile and Nintendo are teaming up to deliver a simulation-style baseball game exclusively for the GameCube.


Nintendo Pennant Chase Baseball

Details on the game are still somewhat scarce, but Nintendo has released some of the first screenshots of its upcoming Major League Baseball-licensed sports game, Nintendo Pennant Chase Baseball. The game is currently in development at Exile Interactive and is scheduled to be released in April.

The game looks like it's coming along well from a graphical standpoint. The player models in the screenshots that Nintendo has released look fairly realistic and smooth. The screenshots also seem to reveal a few of the game's modes. Home field evolution appears to be a section of the game that will let you beef up your stadium as time goes on, adding things like pressboxes, scoreboards, and concession stands. The game will have a franchise mode, and a rookie of the year feature, which appears to be where you'll earn and assign points to players in categories like contact, power, speed, and various fielding abilities.

Interestingly enough, Pennant Chase Baseball will also contain a tournament mode that appears to allow multiple GameCubes to get in on the action. Does this mean the game will support more than four players at a time via some sort of LAN support? We'll have to wait for Nintendo to let loose with some more new information before we know for sure. Until then, check out some new, exclusive screenshots of Nintendo Pennant Chase Baseball. We'll have more info as it becomes available.

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