Nintendo Offers Metroid, Mother 3 Fans a Glimmer of Hope

"[T]alk to me in a year and let's look back and see what's happened."


Nintendo's Switch presentation has come and gone with no sign from some of the dormant series that fans continue to clamor for--things like Metroid and Mother/Earthbound. Even Arby's is disappointed. And while there still hasn't been anything announced, that doesn't mean you should lose all hope.

Speaking with GameSpot in New York City today, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime knew where we going with one particular question before we could even finish asking. No doubt having heard the request many times over the years, when we mentioned that some franchises have languished in the shadows, Fils-Aime essentially asked the question of himself.

"Oh, so earlier today I got asked about Mother 3; maybe you can ask me about Metroid," he said jovially. "Look, again, I am proud as an executive with Nintendo to say that we look at all of the boards and all of the comments and we really have a good understanding of what our consumers want. And believe me, we take that to heart as we work to create content.

"So I have nothing to announce--here. But we are aware that there are some key IP that consumers just can't wait for the next true installment in that franchise's legacy. Suffice it to say, we're aware of it, and talk to me in a year and let's look back and see what's happened."

That's hardly confirmation that a western release of Mother 3 or a new Metroid will be announced this year, but it will have to be enough for fans for the time being.

There has already been criticism of what's viewed as a fairly thin launch lineup for Switch. Elsewhere in our interview, Fils-Aime noted that one lesson Nintendo learned from Wii U was the importance of when games are released.

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He referenced that it's essential to have "a regular cadence of critical launches to drive the install base and keep the consumer base engaged." Nintendo thinks Wii U had a great lineup of games, but with Switch, it hopes to avoid having those "large gaps" between releases.

With much of Nintendo's presentation focused on games coming in the next year, it could just be waiting for the right time to announce a new Metroid, Mother, or entry in some other dormant franchise. At this point, only time will tell.

For a full recap of everything we've learned about Switch, check out our roundup.

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TLDR: Same sh~t they said about Wii with Gamecubes shortage.

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If the Switch doesn't get a Metroid, F-Zero and Wave Race I will probably pass on it.

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if only nintendo was run by nintendo of America instead of nintendo of Japan...

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Let it go. Metroid is a great series, but a new game isn't guaranteed to be awesome. Some things just don't NEED to happen. I would much prefer some new original IP's. So many remakes of existing games are already coming to Switch.

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OK I'll take a look in a year and see if it's worth getting.

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While offering their shareholders despair....

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I hate when websites do this. Stop asking Reggie about any potential games coming to the platform. I like Reggie and all but the man is just a puppet for Japan and has zero artistic input in anything that Nintendo Japan decides to make.

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New F-Zero. Please.

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@edhc44: Same here but I'd like to see a modern sequel that returns the franchise to its SNES roots. Rounded edges on the vehicles with animated fins and jets. The original design was like a futuristic 1950s.

Also a return to electronica soundtrack. The screaming guitars of the modern sequels are cheesy.

The modern styling is too 1980's angular (low polly) and too hair metal. Bring back the modern sci-fi look and feel.

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@Redsyrup: A couple of years ago I dusted off my old F-Zero cart for the SNES and you know what? I had a bigger kick out of it than when I was replaying F-Zero GX. Granted that I still think GX is the best in the franchise (due to the sheer amount of tracks and modes), there are several things the original did in a way that wouldn't appear again in modern renditions. I liked your remark about the futuristic 1950s look for instance, it would be cool to have a stylized retro-futuristic, maybe even cartoonish look but let's face it: they would try to make it as modern and shiny as they can. And in the end, I would buy it anyway.

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Article thumbnail shows an image of what appears to be Metroid yet no images of Metroid in the article. Utter click-bait.

Avatar image for edhc44

@soulfulDAGGER: That's from The Other M. Easily identifiable, I don't see how that could be called click-bait.

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I've been waiting since GameCube for a proper Metroid with a normal controller. Saying talk to me in a year and see what's happened is not a glimmer of hope. It's just a bit of screeching in the dark.

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"A regular cadence of critical launches to drive the install base and keep the consumer base engaged." JUST RELEASE A GOOD CONSOLE AND GOOD GAMES. ENOUGH WITH THE MARKETING BS.

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well, lets see in a year then.

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"He referenced that it's essential to have 'a regular cadence of critical launches to drive the install base and keep the consumer base engaged.'"

Obviously but Nintendo doesn't have to do it alone! 3rd party support is there for that exact reason. They fill in the gaps while the 1st/2nd party studios are working. BTW, if Nintendo really has so many games cooking, they missed a perfect time to boast about all that's coming this year and next.

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@turtlesintime: I think Nintendo made the right move with Switch; sales have been crazy high on 3DS, so it would only make sense for them to slowly step away from home consoles and keep consolidating their position in the handheld market. Third parties have contributed to their success in said field, so I expect them to do the same once they realise that Switch is more of a 3DS successor than anything. However, I do think that the relatively high entry price is kind of a misstep on Nintendo's part, but I'm confident that a 50$ price cut down the line on top of good first party releases could pave the way for a very bright future for them. Payed online service stinks though, I mean come on don't even get to keep the free monthly games in your library once the month is over..

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Failtendo Doomswitch

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Have Platinum Games make the next installment in the Metroid series -> see Switch units fly off the shelves.

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@Nakaruga: Because recent TMNT and Transformers games were such hits. Team Ninja tried to go the hack'n slash route with Other M and it didn't work out either.

Sure a lot depends what would be the style they want to have, but all good Metroid games have a good bit of slow exploration, which isn't Platinum Games forte. But if we have to name candidates I think Nintendo could consider luring in Kojima for the project, at least the game would have a good bit of stealth and goofy twisty plot.

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@PrpleTrtleBuBum: I liked Other M despite the lost in translation spoken narrative/dialog. Other M oozed genuine metroid atmosphere and at times classic 2D gameplay.

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@Redsyrup: I like The Other M too, despite the lack of feeling of isolation. I don't get why people are so harsh on the game, even if one doesn't like the cutscenes, gameplay holds up pretty well.

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@PrpleTrtleBuBum: You do understand that those games were developed by the off teams, right? And they were on a budget/tight schedule because of Activision wanting them out asap. Meanwhile Kamiya was working on Scalebound while the rest of the team focused on Nier Automata. Also, I don't think Kojima would want to work on an existing IP such as Metroid, he usually walks his own path.

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@Nakaruga: Sure. Point is just that under Platinum games they can do not-gold too. It's a good candidate but they need good budget, timing, crew etc. just like any other company would. But also considering how most studios are now just infused divisions under the monsters EA, Activision, Ubi or Capcom/Namco/Square it is hard to think of other options. But if they want 2D Metroid or exploration heavy FPS even some indie could do pretty good

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@PrpleTrtleBuBum: And so he did, it's called AM2R. Too bad Nintendo shut it down instead of being positive about it.

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AM2R is just a remake of an already existing game. He just solidified ideas and controls that Nintendo created 25 years ago. His artwork on the game, and patience to make it is commendable, but let's not pretend that AM2R would have been the system seller people want for Metroid. In fact, if Nintendo were to be the one that remastered Metroid II...well I bet there would be many people complaining that we don't get an official sequel in the series.

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@Nakaruga: I don't think there's a better company right now (apart from Retro themselves) that's more than qualified to give this game what it deserves. How come I didn't think of that?

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"Glimmer of hope" just isn't enough. If they are that slow and unsure about Metroid, how would they be able to make a decent F-Zero, Starfox, Kirby etc. and preferably at least 2-3 sequels for each series? The console needed a good launch lineup and then a steady stream of new games at least for the next few years.

Regarding my potential Switch purchase: "Talk to me in a year"

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@PrpleTrtleBuBum: Dude, games take a long time to make.

This probably means that a new metroid IS coming out by next year.

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@biggamerdude: Sure, but it shouldn't take 10 years. Yes Shigeru and others are perfectionists who will delay a game until it's perfect, but even the games they release aren't perfect. There's a middle way between pumping out games like Assassin's Creeds and having so long development cycle that they have to skip entire console generation. It's natural to make a pretty good game and then make a improved/different sequel, just don't release the games so that they need day 1 patches and get abysmal reviews. Video game isn't a high level ERP system that I should be using for 15 years

With Gamecube they had a pretty solid plan and most franchises got at least 1 game, some like Metroid, Mario, Fox and Zelda even more.

P.S. I'm not saying it has to be exactly Metroid or Fire Emblem. Referring to that PS game comment below, at some point Sony was known for Crash, Spyro, Tekken, MGS... then were some other games and now there are the things like Uncharted. Even if Nintendo has no ideas what to do with Metroid they could try to do something new like with Splatoon

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@PrpleTrtleBuBum: IMO you're right Nintendo devs are perfectionists but I think they're artists first and if internally they have no desire to produce a sequel then any efforts to do so would ultimately feel forced and hollow i.e. a poor sequel like the new Star Trek and Star Wars films. Mario Odyssey is a great example of a forced entry. Who wants to hail a cab as Mario?

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@Redsyrup: Well in that case they really should consider their strategy. If even Mario is too exhausting they could try to do more Pikmins and Splatoons (i mean think of something new to do) instead of forcing Mario (Everyone from Naughty Dog to Core Eidos to Capcom to Bungie have at some point said they're tired of the sequelmania and need to move on, even if the games still made millions, so fatigue is completely normal. Heck I think the only thing keeping Final Fantasy crew moving after 15 main episodes is how in each game they get to change everything) . And well if they can't think of new ideas either then maybe they should hire some new, passionate people. Shigeru said he used to wander in forests and caves looking for ideas... something makes me think he isn't doing it much anymore. And it all seems to be up to Miyamoto, if he isn't talking about a game he's involved with, it means the game doesn't exist.

But then ofc there is Valve. A game company that decided running Steam gives them everything they need. They release 1 game per decade as a hobby. Nintendo might be feeling the same with their huge money reserves so now they're focusing on the theme park/hotel/phone service ideas again. Maybe it's true that Nintendo isn't really a game company, it's a playful entertainment company whatever that means

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@biggamerdude: Not to mention that it has to be good. Nintendo knows this, which is probably why they're taking so long. They want a new Metroid to simmer and get juicy before it's released.

Besides, we will have plenty of games to play before its (eventual) release. :)

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With about 7 weeks to go, I'm hoping there will be a lot more news about games (3rd party) they haven't shown yet that will be available.

Avatar image for illage2

"but with Switch, it hopes to avoid having those "large gaps" between releases."

Errrr .... so that's why we only have two games until five months later? That's a massive GAP.

Avatar image for biggamerdude

@illage2: Not really.

Avatar image for aldiggy

yeah, they really have a good understanding what we want all right. That's why we got Federation shit-force while someone outside of Nintendo makes one of the best Metroid games in decades with AM2R

Avatar image for Jestersmiles

"and we really have a good understanding of what our consumers want"


Avatar image for donkey_kong_fan

@Jestersmiles: Well, they returned to open world 3D Mario and revealed two new Metroid games... I don't know about you, but I think that shows they have an understanding of what their consumers want...

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@Jestersmiles: "that's why we are pleased to announce the next metroid! A mobile card game"

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I think anyone who's really interested in Mother 3 has played it already. It's the kind of fanbase that would play a fan translation of the game, and that's been out there for years now. I don't get why people are asking for it to be honest.

Avatar image for The-unDyIng

@jinzo9988: Yeah i 100% agree with you, the fan translation of it was really well done that i played, the game was ok but compared to Mother 2 aka Earthbound in North America, was FAR SUPERIOR to mother 3. Don't get me wrong Mother 3 had some interesting things in it, but the fact it was limited to a handheld platform kinda killed it for me. On the other hand they definitely have to make a proper Metroid entry for the Switch, It has literally been since the Wii that the last Metroid game came out, it was not all to bad, but it was not really a true Metroid game. It would be nice to see a new F-Zero game for once, and i think the difference in power between even the Wii U and the Switch could make a big difference, for how it plays.

There are of course some other franchises we would like to see have a new entry in. For me right now i think Metroid would be a big one, i loved playing F-Zero back in the day also. I think a more modern version of Diddy Kong Racing would be cool, i found that game to be a blast multiplayer. It was similar to playing Mario Kart yet more of an arena style 4 player couch kart game.

I actually enjoyed playing Diddy Kong Racing A LOT more then Mario Kart games honestly, maybe it was partially due to me being a lot more competitive with my multiplayer games as a kid though.

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By the time they probably even think about making a new Metroid game, Bloodstained will probably be out and I'll be enjoying that. I'm just looking forward to that and not even thinking about Metroid. I'll be honest after Federation Force and Other M I don't have faith in them to make a good Metroid game.

Avatar image for lrdfancypants

What about duck hunt?

The joy cons could be the guns right?

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The way Reggie put it sounded like,"We totally hear you guys but please give us more time. At least give what we have for this year a shot and enjoy." I honestly think that Nintendo has been so busy working on all these titles and revitalizing themselves with the switch. They are probably hoping that this year will be a turning point for them. I bet if this year is successful they'll probably start to consider focusing more on game development.

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As much as i love Metroid (one of my favorite series ever) i have little faith Nintendo of today can pull it off anything remotely close to the Prime trilogy. Does Retro studios still exist?

On another note, it's infuriating how many amazing IPs Nintendo has locked and will never see the light of day. I'm hoping for the best but expecting the worse, i just wish i were excited for a new Nintendo console.

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@nadsat-77: Retro studios still exist BUT Nintendo themselves have make there 2nd parties lazy and confuse on what games to make... I'm sure Retro would have love to make a Wii U Metroid but Nintendo shoehorn them to make donkey Kong then go dormant...

See the problem isn't Nintendo hardware, its there focus to deliver games on time and games the masses want...

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@slypher9: They aren't dormant. They are working on something TBA for the past 2.5 years. I honestly this time think it's a metroid game. They have never taken 2.5 years to work on something without announcing what it is. It could be metroid but it could be just as good.

Avatar image for nadsat-77

@slypher9: Yep. Their biggest problem is their misplaced focus that's for sure.