Nintendo NX's First Games Announced By Square Enix

[Update] Square Enix clarifies NX support as "under consideration."


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[UPDATE] Square Enix has toned down its commitment to releasing Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest XI for Nintendo's NX. Asked for clarification on its position regarding the console, a spokesperson for the company said the releases are "under consideration" but it doesn't have "further information to share at the moment.[UPDATE ENDS]

The first two games announced for NX, the next games console from Nintendo, have been revealed as Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest XI.

Square Enix revealed the titles for Nintendo's in-development console during a livestream, where the latest entry in the Dragon Quest series was also officially revealed for PS4 and Nintendo 3DS.

Details beyond the plans to release the games on NX were not provided. Nintendo is not expected to reveal details about its new games system until 2016.

Nintendo confirmed its next home console is codenamed the NX in March 2015, but nothing is known about the hardware yet. The company has said it does not plan to fully reveal the hardware until 2016.

At the time of its announcement, Nintendo said the project represents a "brand-new concept," but didn't elaborate further.

A report has indicated that Nintendo could begin assembly of the NX in October, as the company has signed a contract with Foxcon Electronics and wants to begin pilot assembly on the hardware by October "at the latest."

This report has not yet been verified, however, and Nintendo is yet to announce release plans.

Nintendo has said it will continue to support the Wii U and 3DS after the NX is launched.

"NX is a new platform, so the installed base will have to be built up from zero," it said. "When NX is launched, there already will be a certain volume of Nintendo 3DS and Wii U hardware widely existing in the market, so from a software business perspective, it would be highly inefficient to stop releasing titles for Nintendo 3DS or Wii U right after the launch of NX."

The company has been adamant that the NX is not a simple replacement for the Wii U and 3DS.

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Avatar image for k41m

Why do they have to continue with this handheld crap? I just want a Nintendo Console that has the capabilities of the PS4 and to a lesser extent XB1 (I own an XB1 as well and i love it so no console war BS). Enough with the gimmicks... although the NX controller thing looks cool. From what I've seen.

Avatar image for briansgreen

@k41m: and this is why you will never be a visionary and thankfully will never run any of these companies to make these decisions.......1)handheld crap-so your phones and tablets are crap, what about being able to take something as powerful as an xbox one and bring it round with you, that isn't appealing ? Cuz that's what the market wants.......what the market does not want and would doom Nintendo to failure is the Nintendo PS4/one.....hypothetically now u have your Nintendo box just as powerful as sony/ms now what? Sony has a unbeatable market share already and xbox one is one of the best selling consoles ever as well makes no sense to atttempt that, makes much more sense to be innovative and give us something neither of those companies have given us since both consoles were released GOOOOD Games, this has worst generation of games minus maybe uncharted 4, just rehashed and rebooted stuff from last gen and I'm not even talking about the remasters.....also ask anyone that has a shield tv how powerful it is, since the no is reportedly using the same chip or maybe even one better and you will be happy...I have one and it blows me away what it can do

Avatar image for atomolog

Nintendo sucess depends on its games. Id suggest:

Monster Hunter Online (offline separated from online mode to avoid offline hacked items to go to online server. Potential to be a great Mmo?

Pokemon stadium Nx (having also online with several modes would be nice too)

Final Fantasy Tactics Nx (online mode could have ...30 different classes and would be random. 6 vs 6 players? Spells and equipment of each player to be choosed before match with limitations ? I love imagining xD

Metroid Nx (with real good multiplayer online) would be nintendo shooter?

Animal crossing Continent (with 10 times more items furniture ... the biggest animal crossing ever?)

People love to play online so having that option is always nice :) And shooter fans could fall in love with Metroid Nx multiplayet online if nintendo do a good work :)

Avatar image for King_Wii

Square-Enix continues to insult my fandom of DQ games by consistently not releasing them here in the States. It really makes me very sad.

Avatar image for silentavenger8

I think Nintendo is just having trouble making games that have true variety and quality as well as making a console that has a variety of games for a reasonable price.

The Wii U is a usable console the trouble is no one wants to buy it not even my game friends who are nuts about games because they already have a Wii with similar games some of which are better quality they don't see a profound reason to play the console because of the similar games even if I were to bring my own console to their house.
The Wii U also unfortunately has another major drawback aside from Windwaker HD, Smash Bros and Mario Kart remakes of games already being played by fans of those games on their original consoles the rest of the titles in particular Splatoon and Hyrule Warriors are designed in a fashion that makes them obnoxious to play because they have so much repetition such cheesy themes, horrible characters, terribly fashioned story and simplistic dynamics it seems to wreck the audience member after member until they only have a small base of dedicated fans and the base is so small it cannot sustain this company.

Hopefully Nintendo has a console with a bunch of well made games that are hopefully not exact remakes that have dynamic stories, well made characters and good graphics themes etc

Then I can finally make a good case for Nintendo's situation they only have one bright side on the Wii U console its yet to break or have technical issues so I can play Smash, Windwaker or Mario Kart 8 whenever I want or Super Metroid.

Their final problem is that the obnoxious titles that they have made (Splatoon ,Hyrule Warriors) have made the Wii U console games have a reputation so bad that game fans will actually tolerate games that majorly break down and have extreme technical issues (like Elder Scrolls Online) to not play Wii U games.

To top it all off most of the recent games difficulty has been majorly wrecked making the games not even challenging making it even less worth it for me to play them as well as they overcharge on all their games and equipment

I wonder what lead Nintendo to such a dark and horrid path...

Avatar image for puckhog27

I love Dragon Quest, but I can't imagine the games will be released outside of Japan. It seems to be a very niche market unfortunately. I also thought 10 was a MMORPG and it has never been released outside of Japan. I believe it's even available on PC in Japan. The new Dragon Quest for PS4 doesn't appear to be available outside of Japan either. At least I haven't seen anything about it.

Avatar image for iamllamapie

The Wii U has been treated really well by Nintendo. We have jad our Smash, Mario, Kirby, Bayonetta, Wonderful 101, Pikmin etc. and there is still more to come such as Zelda, Xenoblade X, Starfox and Devils Third for example. In the small space of time the Wii U has been around it's packed quite the punch with exclisives. Underrated gem.

Avatar image for Rovelius

@iamllamapie: I'm the only one who really just wanted a Metroid in HD I guess.

Avatar image for madglee

He already has an island. What else does he need to buy? It's over.

Avatar image for magusat999

They didn't learn how stupid it was to make the Wii, and then they release the Wii U - which was stoopider. I hope they finally learn their lesson - stop withthe gadgetry, don't try and make people exercise. make a damn good game console (I know they can do it) that will compete with the PS5 and the Xbox2!!! Stop trying to be the king of mediocrity and go for the crown - you have the name, get back in the game!

Nintendo - I almost feel sorry for them. They let everyone who made a console kick their butts. Sega was killing them, Sony came along and had 'em punch drunk, Xbox even took 'em to the ropes - gasping for air. For n established name in gaming who has been around for so long, they just cant seem to get it together... it all started with trying to push the prices of games up to 100.00 in the 90's... knew something was wrong way back then.

Avatar image for Wilson09

@magusat999: Nintendo dominated the late 80s to mid 90s. wasn't the Wii's problem. Shovelware was the Wii's problem. The Wii U's problem was how poorly it was marketed. People got confused as to what it actually was. They've never been mediocre, just taken advantage of and misunderstood. Though some of their choices have been pretty odd (The Wii U was a really stupid name let's be honest).

Nintendo isn't for those who just like Shooters and Sports games. They appeal to everyone. Also if you wanted mature games on Nintendo systems...go look up No More Heroes and Madworld.

Avatar image for magusat999

@Wilson09): Nintendo dominated games from the end of the Atari era until the first week Sega showed up. They were still huge (because face it - who else was around?) but they did not dominate gaming early 90's. Your right about the Shovelware and it didn't start with the Wii U or the Wii - remember Final Fantasy Chronicles - the whole "you need 4 Gameboys" thing? It (the gadgetry thing) started way before the Wii. They keep trying all kinds of stupid stuff - like the censorship (N64), the controlling / licensing BS, forcing people to "exercise" instead of just making a great game machine (which I am sure they are capable of); the over-pricing - which Sony used to kill them with the PSX / PS2 (and seemed to have forgotten that strategy with the PS3 / PS4...). The simple crap like disposing of the best (well, second after the Dreamcast controller) controller ever made in order to force people to use the Wii-mote... It's been downhill ever since the Sega era - but they could take the lead back any time if they just make a serious game console... even Sega could take it back if they came with one - because for all of their technical marvels, the Xbone and PlayStation are stunted, half-hearted attempts at what could really be something great - something gamers keep hoping and wishing someone like Nintendo would finally wake up and place on the market.

Avatar image for bandd


My appologies dude. I forgot it was against the law to try something different. I forgot, gimmicks are evil. No one wants to try something new, they just want the same crap they've played hundres of time. That explains all the FPSs.

YOU may not like all the gimmicks, but personally I actually quite like their gimmicks. Trying out new ways to play videogames are what make the Wii and WiiU so appealing to me. And god forbid anyone makes a videogame that attempts to help you stay fit and healthy by trying to make it more fun. I forgot, only FPSs should be made.

Avatar image for magusat999

@bandd: First off - who cares what is against the law - it's against common sense. And good for you that your one of 3 people who liked the ridiculous gimmicks they keep trying to force their stupid philosophies and lame attempts to get people to pay them more money - that btw despite your falling for it, did NOT PROFIT THEM. Most people are not that stupid. If I want to exercise I'll go to the gym - heck I don't even need to go to a gym because I can exercise at home. I don't need Nintendo's VP telling me I need to exercise - and then making silly hardware that forces me to move around in order to play the games on the console. I'll do what everyone else did - buy a Playstation or an Xbox and tell Mr. Fitness to kiss it. NOW - you can go out and buy 4 Gameboys or whatever stupid thing you choose to fall for, but don't try to wrap that up as smart. Thats not smart - that's just vapid fanboyism - you make NO sense and your argument is weak. If their gimmicks were that compelling they wouldn't be gasping for air (since the N64). Go play with your silly gimmicks - Ill play on a REAL machine.

Avatar image for bandd


Oh, my apologies, I thought I was talking to an intelligent person, not an XBox fantard. First off, I didn't fall for ANYTHING you imbecile. I chose to buy Nintendo consoles and try out their gimmicks because I find them fun. What I DON'T find fun is sheltering myself to anything new like you obviously prefer to do. I had more fun working out with WiiFit and slashing at enemies in sword games than I did playing the SAME FUCKING SHOOTING GAME FOR A HUNDREDTH TIME. You act like it's a FUCKING CRIME that they tried something different, and pretend they're trying to rip people off when they're doing no such thing, but fucktards like you are too jaded and sheltered to accept that not everyone likes the same thing you do, so you treat them as fucking demonspawn.

But nope, you're the boss. I'm going to go buy an XBoxOne, and then I'm going to go to the videogame store and complain that there's NOTHING to play because most of it's the same. Then I'm going to go back to my WiiU where I can still find fun games. Some people like Nintendo consoles and gimmicks: deal with it or get the **** out.

Avatar image for magusat999

@bandd: First off (yes it's been a long time but this is going to finish right). in your rabid fanboyism, which is the only explanation for your replies because nobody else is defending them except YOU, you for got that I said Nintendo was CAPABLE of making the best console. The fact is they just aren't. They are gasping for air. I haven't said one thing that supports your calling me an Xbone fanboy - Xbox is not part of this argument. Nothing has been said here that justifies you calling names and getting angry - if talking about video game consoles makes you angry, it's time to put the cheetoes and the Wiimote down, get off the couch, wash the orange stuff off your hands, take a bath and go outside. There are actually serious things going on OUTSIDE that make an argument about a console trivial.

That being said, your EMOTIONS about it change nothing. Nintendo has been on oxygen support for a long time. They can instantly be on top, if they get serious and stop with the hokey gimmicks. I bet this NX is going to be rife with shovelware too. And guess what I can do if I don't like it? I can come right here and post whatever the hell I want. I can make a blog. I can make a Youtube video. I can write you a letter if I have your address - I can do what the hell I want to do if I don't like it and you cant do JACK SHIT about it. So maybe you shout get the **** out if YOU don't like it. And take you dead horse with you, white knight wannabe. Who White Knights for Nintendo anyway - the jalopy of consoles.... What a boob.

Avatar image for briansgreen

@magusat999: did u really say that the wii hurt Nintendo was and actually still is the best sellling console of all time, they got so many more people into gaming then Sony could dream of right let's just stop right there calling the wii a mistake.....I personally hated it but I was in college and just wanted to play madden. Nintendo still makes the best though imo I got a Wii U for nothing practically and since I didn't have a wii or GameCube plus virtual console the thing is awesome. I get to play smash which is the best game in the past 5 years probably...never hear one bug complaint either......I guess it all depends on what your into but their games have a polish u just don't see anywhere else and I have a PS4 xbox one and a gaming pc som I'm not biased

Avatar image for magusat999

@briansgreen: Actually the PS2, with over 155 million sold is the best selling console of all time. The PSX has also sold more units than the Wii by about a million consoles ( When looking at the figures you also have to take in account price and profit. The Xbox 360 might have sole 14 million units less than the Wii (mind you these figures are from 2013) but at almost twice the price. It isn't always about units sold. To really determine whether the Wii has been a success d=for Nintendo is to look at game sales - and I think we can agree that it was dismal.

Avatar image for briansgreen

@magusat999: Very true...I think I was thinking of best selling games........which the Wii has I think 7 or 8 of the most popular games of all times in terms of sales out of the top 20.

I'm not even a Wii fan I'm just saying your wrong which is pretty clear

Avatar image for wikwoo

You know something's wrong when I've used my Wii U to play Wii games more than I've used it to play Wii U games. Zelda U and Starfox will most likely be the last Wii U games I buy. And depending on what the NX is I may or may not buy it. Nintendo consoles have increasingly become more of a waste of money every generation. I just hope the NX has some actual power to it.

Avatar image for xbhonner

@wikwoo said:

You know something's wrong when I've used my Wii U to play Wii games more than I've used it to play Wii U games. Zelda U and Starfox will most likely be the last Wii U games I buy. And depending on what the NX is I may or may not buy it. Nintendo consoles have increasingly become more of a waste of money every generation. I just hope the NX has some actual power to it.

poor wii U, only four year untill its replaced by a new console? this must be a hard time for them. Hope the next one doing better