Nintendo: No plans for Classic Controller Pro in US

Publisher confirms redesign for Virtual Console-friendly gamepad is not currently scheduled for release stateside.


Last week, Nintendo quietly slipped onto its official Japanese Web site the first details on the Classic Controller Pro (pictured). Unfortunately, the reason for Nintendo's lack of noise on the new peripheral is that the publisher currently has no plans to release the Classic Controller Pro in the US.

It was nice while it lasted...
It was nice while it lasted...

"At this time, we do not have any plans to launch the Classic Controller Pro in the United States," a Nintendo representative succinctly confirmed for GameSpot. The Nintendo rep provided no explanation for the company's decision and did not comment on regions other than the US.

A redux of the more-traditional gamepad primarily used for Virtual Console games, the Classic Controller Pro features a number of aesthetic and ergonomic tweaks over its original iteration. Namely, the ZL and ZR shoulder buttons have been moved behind the existing L and R top buttons in a manner similar to Sony's Dual Shock line of controllers. Also calling up images of the PlayStation gamepad, the Pro features protruding hand grips. Lastly, the Wii Remote connection cord now extends from the top of the controller instead of from the bottom.

The Classic Controller Pro is expected to be released in Japan this summer. A price point has not yet been revealed.

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