Nintendo lets you haggle over microtransaction prices in this 3DS baseball experiment

While the base game is free to download, if you want to get the game's extra modes, you can haggle to get a better deal in Rusty's Real Deal Baseball.

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At Nintendo's latest investor conference, company president Satoru Iwata talked in broad terms about the future of mobile development and microtransactions for Nintendo games. And part of that plan came to light today during the Nintendo Direct presentation for a game called Rusty's Real Deal Baseball.

Gameplay wise, the baseball game looks like the same kind of minigame collection that Nintendo seems to do so well. The base game, where you swing at balls like any standard baseball title, is a free download. But you have to purchase the other modes that let you act as the umpire or have you trying to catch balls.

The price on those modes isn't fixed, though. For $4.00, you can buy them outright from Rusty, or you can haggle with Rusty in the game to try and bring the price down. By talking with him and offering him items that you earn in game you can "significantly" lower the price.

It's an interesting experiment, but how do you feel about it? You can either pay more for instant gratification, or work for a lower price.

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