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Nintendo Labo Players Cover Wii Shop Music and Billie Jean

Reggie Fils-Aime is not my lover.


Nintendo Labo has already led to a variety of nifty experiments and cardboard-craft creations, from recreating (ahem) classic songs like Smash Mouth's "All-Star" to creating making games to freaking out the house cat. More are bound to keep pouring in, like a few new song covers presented by the cardboard piano widget.

In one, a fan makes a reasonable facsimile of the infectious Wii Shop music. Another pays homage to an even bigger pop hit, with a cover of Michael Jackson's single "Billy Jean." Check them out below.

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Labo introduced itself with a unique hook, letting you use cardboard components to build a variety of toys and tools for your Nintendo Switch. Aside from showing off the Switch's capabilities, it's also an engineering and DIY showcase. That makes sense for a game that Nintendo promised would appeal to kids and kids-at-heart.

Nintendo Labo launched last week in two flavors: the Variety Kit with different sets of tools and toys, and the Robot Kit with a single large robot suit. The piano used for the above song covers is in the Variety kit. Both cost $70, and optional "customization kits" for $10 let you add stickers, stencils, and colors to your cardboard.

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