Nintendo Is Now Selling Real Life Animal Crossing Dodo Pilot Jackets

Now you can fly Dodo in style.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons was the game we needed in 2020, providing a cute world to escape to with friends as the world was shutting down due to the global pandemic. Now, Nintendo is releasing the snazzy Dodo Airlines Pilot Jacket as a real piece of merchandise that you can wear to match your Animal Crossing character.

While the real-life Dodo Pilot Jacket was announced by the brick and mortar Nintendo store in New York City, it's also available from the online Nintendo store at a price of $80. The jacket is entirely based off the in-game DAL Pilot Jacket, with patches on the front and right sleeves, a zipper pouch in the left sleeve and a large Dodo applique on the back. It joins a Dodo Airlines t-shirt and cap, as well as a handful of similar Nook Inc. merchandise.

Animal Crossing isn't slowing down with new seasonal events and additions, with winter seeing snow come to players in the northern hemisphere. Check out some of our favorite Christmas-themed island creations, or have a look at our guide to some of the new ice-themed DIY recipes in the game.

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