Nintendo iQue Player spotted

Nintendo's new console for the Chinese market has been unveiled--ahead of its likely year-end release.


When Nintendo announced its intention to release a specially designed iQue Player game console in China back in September, all we were told was that it would allow players to download games to a flash-memory card at stores, that it would run games originally designed for the SNES and Nintendo 64 consoles, and that it would retail for the equivalent of $60. Specialist retailer Lik-Sang has today updated its Web site not only with the first images of the iQue Player, but also with some new information on the console, which, having missed its original mid-October launch, currently has no official release date.

The iQue Player uses similar nanotechnology to that used in Sony's upcoming PSX and, according to Nintendo, will be the first gaming device with such technology to be released--suggesting that the iQue will arrive in stores in time for the holidays, given that the PSX is scheduled to ship in December. Lik-Sang also reports that the console comes with five games already on its 64-megabyte flash-memory card--the full version of Doctor Mario, and a number of time-limited demos, including a 10-hour demo of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, a seven-hour demo of Mario 64, and one-hour demos of both Wave Race and Star Fox.

Lik-Sang goes on to suggest that a release outside of China for the iQue Player seems likely, although this has not been confirmed at this time. We'll bring you more information on the iQue Player as soon as it becomes available.

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