Nintendo hypes pro-Pokemon study as FireRed and LeafGreen ship

Publisher-funded study finds parents happy with Pokemon series; not-so-coincidentally, two newest titles are available today.


Pokemon FireRed / LeafGreen Version

Nintendo of America announced the results of an ostensibly independent survey of over 2,000 parents concerning the Pokemon series of video games. The verdict? Over 75 percent of parents surveyed say that Pokemon "does a good job of promoting positive values and enhances strategic thinking."

Commissioned by Nintendo and conducted by Impulse Research Group of Los Angeles, the online survey of 2,098 parents from across the US also indicated that most parents believe that playing Pokemon "improves memory skills," "increases mental agility and awareness," and promotes "teamwork" and "cooperation with friends."

Nintendo released the findings today, which just happened to be the same day that the newest Pokemon Game Boy Advance games, Pokemon FireRed and Pokemon LeafGreen, shipped to stores. The games, remakes of the original Pokemon adventures that launched in 1997, include the new GBA wireless adapters that allow for wireless linked battles. Each title will retail for $39.99.

For more on the Pokemon study and FireRed and LeafGreen, check out our recent hands-on and forthcoming review.

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