Nintendo Hopes Switch Will Get You Playing Miitomo Again

Remember Miitomo?


Following months of anticipation, Switch is finally out, and Nintendo is hoping to capitalize on the hype by getting you to pick up Miitomo again.

A new promotion is now underway in Nintendo's social networking app that rewards users with various Switch items. Between now and March 23, logging in will net you a different item each day, for a total of five items. These include a stamp set, wallpaper, t-shirt, flooring, and a visor that puts the system right in front of your face.

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You can see all of the stamps in the gallery above. There are the obvious ones--the system itself, Joy-Cons, a logo--but no Pro Controller or anything else that doesn't come in the box.

Miitomo launched last spring as Nintendo's first mobile app. In October, Nintendo admitted that it hadn't made much money, although that arguably was never the goal. It wants its mobile business to be profitable, but it also hopes for it to generate "synergy with our dedicated video game systems to maximize the potential of Nintendo's overall business strategies."

With Fire Emblem Heroes having launched last month, the next confirmed mobile game from Nintendo is one based on Animal Crossing.

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