Nintendo hints at new Rare GBA games

Nintendo's favorite second-party developer is knee-deep in Game Boy Advance development.


At its Camp Game Boy Advance press event held Friday in Pescadero, Calif., Nintendo of America's director of game development Ken Lobb hinted that Nintendo's development studio Rare Limited is already hard at work on some innovative Game Boy Advance games. Lobb wouldn't announce specifics on Rare's latest GBA project, but he did say that he was extremely impressed by his first glimpse of Rare's efforts. "The last time I was impressed [by an emerging GBA game] was when I visited Rare a couple of months ago," he said. "And Rare has, as they have a tendency to do, basically one-upped what everybody else is doing on a graphical standpoint."

Lobb stated that he was surprised at just how many Rare employees actually wanted to stop what they were doing and start working on GBA games. According to Lobb, at least 10 percent of Rare is now focused on developing GBA games, and those teams represent some of the best talent at Rare. Lobb finished up by dropping a slight hint as to what Rare's secret project might be: "One of the guys [working on the project] is actually the guy who came up with the technology that allowed Donkey Kong Country. Well, that dude is now art director for the Game Boy Advance team." Expect to see an official unveiling of Rare's secret GBA project at this year's E3.

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