Nintendo giving away free Pokémon character to Aussies

Aussie gamers to receive rare Manaphy Pokémon for free via Wi-Fi download at JB Hi-Fi stores.


Pokemon Diamond / Pearl / Platinum Version

Get Manaphy for free.
Get Manaphy for free.

Nintendo Australia is giving Poké-maniacs a treat down under, with the company partnering with national electronics retailer JB Hi-Fi to give away a free rare Pokémon for use in the Nintendo DS's Pokémon Diamond or Pearl.

From November 7-13, gamers can go into any JB Hi-Fi store to download Manaphy, a rare Pokémon being featured in the latest Pokémon movie, Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea. Manaphy features an exclusive move called Heart Swap, which switches healing effects with other Pokémon.

Gamers will need to bring their Nintendo DS and an English version of Pokémon Diamond or Pearl to a JB Hi-Fi store to grab Manaphy. Nintendo has posted full instructions on its Australian Web site.

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