Nintendo extends 3DS Ambassador Program deadline

The publisher has confirmed that users who purchased a 3DS before August 12 but missed out on registration for the 3DS Ambassador Program can still do so with an online form until September 30.


Late last month Nintendo announced a global price cut for its 3DS handheld system in response to disappointing launch sales and a dire financial outlook. In Australia, the price cut took effect last Friday, August 12, going from A$349.95 down to A$249.99.

By way of compensation for those who bought the handheld at a higher price, Nintendo also announced it would be giving existing 3DS owners 20 free downloadable games via the 3DS Ambassador Program. The publisher announced that the program would be available only to those who had purchased a Nintendo 3DS before August 12 and had visited the Nintendo eShop once before 23.59 EST on August 11.

There's still time!
There's still time!

While that time has now passed, Nintendo Australia has confirmed that it has created an alternate entry into the 3DS Ambassador Program for those who missed out on visiting the Nintendo eShop in the designated time frame. Although it has yet to be made official, a Nintendo Australia spokesperson told GameSpot AU that users will soon be able to download a PDF form from Nintendo's website and mail it to the publisher, along with proof of purchase for a Nintendo 3DS console before August 12, to claim the 20 free downloadable games.

Users will now have until September 30 to mail their forms to Nintendo.

Nintendo Australia said the information surrounding the alternate entry into the 3DS Ambassador Program, as well as the PDF form, will appear on Nintendo's official site soon.

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