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Nintendo DS highest-selling games device in Australia in Q3; PS3 the lowest

More than 140,000 DSs sold down under between July-September; PS3 at the bottom of the sales charts.


Nintendo's recent hardware dominance has seen its share price reach record highs, and it seems that Aussies haven't been immune to the House of Mario's resurgence. New figures from industry tracker GfK Australia show that Nintendo had the highest-selling portable games device (the DS) and the highest-selling next-generation console (the Wii) down under in the last three months, easily eclipsing Sony and Microsoft.

The Nintendo DS was far and away the highest-selling games device in Australia between the start of July and the end of September, selling close to 140,000 units. The DS sales figure of 139,483 units is almost five times that of its nearest equivalent, the PlayStation Portable, which sold 28,374 in the same time period.

The Nintendo Wii is also the clear leader in next-generation console stakes, selling 61,027 units between July and September. The Xbox 360 sold 40,467 units in the same time period, whereas Sony's PlayStation 3 sold 27,533. Sony's newest console may be lagging somewhat, but its last-generation device--the PS2--is still going strong in Australia. The PS2's third-quarter sales of 66,228 were enough to make it the second-most-popular games device in the country for that time period.

GfK Australia also released the latest install-base figures for Australian gaming devices this afternoon. In next-generation consoles, the Xbox 360 is still in the lead, with 222,136 owners down under since launch. However, the Wii is quickly catching up with a total of 167,899 units altogether. The PS3 has had 82,261 devices sold so far. In Australia, the 360 was first launched in March 2006, the Wii in December 2006, and the PS3 in March 2007.

Full sales details can be found below.

Nintendo DS
2007 Q3 sales: 139,483
Total install base: 730,076

PlayStation 2
2007 Q3 sales: 66,228
Total install base: 2,118,646

Nintendo Wii
2007 Q3 sales: 61,027
Total install base: 167,899

Xbox 360
2007 Q3 sales: 40,467
Total install base: 222,136

PlayStation Portable
2007 Q3 sales: 28,374
Total install base: 317,442

PlayStation 3
2007 Q3 sales: 27,533
Total install base: 82,261

All figures courtesy of GfK Australia.

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