Nintendo Discontinues NES Classic Edition Globally [Update]

Victim of its own success.


Update [April 19]: The NES Classic Edition has also been discontinued in Europe, a Nintendo spokesperson told Eurogamer. The console, which was called the NES Classic Mini in the territory, is no longer being manufactured in Europe. Combined with the discontinuation in Japan, that now means the miniature console is now out of print worldwide.

Original story follows [April 13].

After just six months on the market, Nintendo says it is discontinuing the NES Classic Edition in North America. Nintendo did not provide a specific reason for why the console is being discontinued, but the plug-and-play system has been plagued with supply issues; months after its launch it was still selling out almost as quickly as new shipments were released.

"Throughout April, NOA territories will receive the last shipments of Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition systems for this year," Nintendo said in a statement.

"We encourage anyone interested in obtaining this system to check with retail outlets regarding availability. We understand that it has been difficult for many consumers to find a system, and for that we apologize. We have paid close attention to consumer feedback, and we greatly appreciate the incredible level of consumer interest and support for this product."

Nintendo has only said, so far, that the NES Classic Edition is being discontinued in North America. When asked whether the discontinuation would be applied globally, a representative from Nintendo said, “Please see the statements made by Nintendo in other territories.”

The NES Classic Edition launched last November, coming preloaded with 30 classic NES games. When asked if these classic games will be made available on the Switch or another system, Nintendo only said “We have nothing to announce at this time.”

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    Does not make any sense. They're completely crazy.

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    I sold my NES classic for $300 today haha.

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    @schlongoloid333: I've had my NES classic edition since I was 2 years old, The original Legend of Zelda came out the year I was born.

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    Actually it makes sense.

    30 games on NES Classic: $60 income minus cost of production and shipping

    30 NES games on Virtual Console: $150 income with negligible cost

    To keep producing it would cannibalize sales in other avenues. The thing was meant to be a novelty stocking-stuffer, not a major generator of revenue. If they're smart, they'll offer the same package of games as the "NES Classic Bundle" on VC for $50, and end up with a better margin and a possible boost in console sales at the same time.

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    @maxwell97: I agree for the most part, though I'd include the all-but-confirmed SNES Classic as another reason for the halt in production. As far as that's concerned, I have every SNES game ever with several different ways to play them via emulators, but I'd probably still buy one. The SNES in particular was most of my childhood and it would be pretty sweet to have the little guy on the shelf. (Assuming of course I can get one without putting a kidney on eBay)

    Also, the NES Classic Bundle is a FANTASTIC idea, and they'd make a fortune if they did such a thing.

    Avatar image for Elem3nt

    Still mind boggled by this! Only Nintendo could botch a re-release of a console from the 80's...

    Avatar image for gamer_guy

    nes classic needs to be brought back

    Avatar image for forester057

    More evidence that Nintendo has lost all business sense. It's Making money. Let's discontinue it and try to sell more gimmicky game systems that can't run multiplatform games because they're always one gen behind. Sooooo terrible. If they didn't have Zelda that system would be sitting on the shelves indefinitely.

    And no I don't care what you think...

    Avatar image for Bread_or_Decide

    @forester057: If air didn't exist you'd be dead right now.

    Avatar image for insomniac

    Nintendo doesn't want to make more money, such a backwards company.

    Avatar image for Thretosix

    Because they care about their customers...

    Avatar image for Sindroid

    listed for $120 on our Norwegian Craigslist these days. Hillarious..

    Avatar image for cejay0813

    Maybe it was always meant to be a limited edition type thing... Doubt it as I'm sure they're just idiots at Nintendo... but I can play devil's advocate for a little bit

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    This is more Nintendo marketing stupidity. They seem to have a delusional tendency to think that creating an artificial shortage will somehow create a demand for their stuff.

    How exactly in this day and age can you have such a shortage? You either make absurdly low sales estimates, or you deliberately not make as many to try and raise hype by having a shortage. It's not like China won't happily make millions of these things. I get how they might be skittish on sales because of the failure WiiU, but come on, it's the childhoods of a whole friggin generation. You can't underestimate that.

    Now they're having "shortages" on the Switch... I don't think I'll be buying any more Nintendo stuff. I'm really tired of getting jerked around by them. Maybe they'll be smart and go the way of Sega and be a software company, because there's nothing to really innovate on in the game console market to set them apart. VR, maybe.

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    @Zorched: I sold all of my Wii U stuff at Gamestop Tuesday. The cashier asked me if I got my Switch yet, to which I said I am done with Nintendo after the NES Classic being discontinued. He was actually upset at this. He tried to convince me that it was just being put on hold and that the SNES mini was coming out, to which I still said I am done with Nintendo and it isn't just being paused in development after everything I read. the conversation eventually moved on to Mass Effect Andromeda... The conversation didn't get better, lol. Anyway, yep count another long term fan no longer buying their products.

    Avatar image for BenderUnit22

    This is the most Nintendo thing to do.

    Avatar image for cherub1000

    Am I being an idiot but why would they stop making the console if it's making them good money? Seems really stupid, kinda like they can't be bothered? If the classic has indeed truly cancelled after such a short window, why bother with it at all???

    Avatar image for 50cratez

    not much marketing strategy here, just stupidity.

    Avatar image for 50cratez

    this was gonna be a dust collector anyways

    Avatar image for PSYCHOV3N0M

    I would've bought one for $60+tax if a store had it at that price but now I'll just buy a Raspberry Pi and build my own for free and run ALL the games.

    Nintendo doesn't want my money. Screw it then...

    Avatar image for lithus

    i blame the fans for buying into another N-gimmick. Like buying an enabling an addict, you help perpetuate their bad marketing decisions. The Wii and Wii U should have never seen success. They should have been crippled under their own weight as a company and forced to innovate, compete (with Sony and MS) and always have a supply

    Avatar image for ZIMdoom

    @lithus: I disagree completely. I only know one single person who has managed to get their hands on this thing. He is someone who's love of videogames (aside from hockey games) has never moved past the NES days. He was extremely excited to have this machine and once again play the videogames he remembers loving in the past. I suspect a large chunk of people who want this thing are similarly driven by nostalgia. Sure, collectors, scalpers and the handful of people out there who are still Nintendo die-hards will want it as well. But really, I think most "gamers" likely have these games already (I know I still do) or are going to find ways to emulate them with much less hassle than trying to find this thing in stores. I've honestly never seen it in a store ever. So I do think there is still high demand for this from the same sort of people who, yes, supported the Wii...the "non-gamers" who miss the simplicity of the olden days of gaming. But sadly, Nintendo seems to hate success and is once again shows they simply don't know what the hell to do with a product that people want but they don't really care much about selling.

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    I don't get this at all.

    Avatar image for capocrimeboss

    F*** Nintendo. Grab an emulator. Grab it by the pu$$y.

    Avatar image for leo5111

    cant fix stupid i guess, HEY!!!!!! we got something that sells like hot cakes!!!!!HEY!!! we make a nice little profit on each one sold, lets Discontinue

    Avatar image for NoDzombie

    Im in Europe, im still waiting for my PRE-ORDER shipping

    Guess that's never going to happen now

    Iv never actually seen one for sale anywhere, im beginning to think it was just a big joke and the thing never existed

    Avatar image for xolivierx

    You can buy one on
    from 290$ to 490$


    Avatar image for xolivierx

    bestbuy :

    • Sold out online
    • Sold out in nearby stores

    Thank you Nintendo

    Avatar image for ZIMdoom

    @xolivierx: Every Walmart in my city has a handwritten sign in their tiny Nintendo section that says "No, we don't have any Nintendo Classics. No, we don't know when more will be in." It's such a weird thing to see I can only assume that the are getting tons or questions about it and simply got sick of having no answers to give people.

    Avatar image for edhc44

    It can't play old carts, so I never saw the point. My old NES is busted and its ebay price is way too high, I had hoped Nintendo would help to fix this but nah... These cheap bastards want you buy emulations again and again every new console they release, I think I'll never get to play my Battletoads cart I bought a couple of years ago...

    Avatar image for mirage_so3

    Way to leave the consumers at the hands of the scalpers. You'll never be able to find this at a reasonable price now.

    Avatar image for lfebaggins

    I am a little bummed, but its not that big of a deal. You can't even play your original NES cartridges. The 30 preloaded games are good, but if you don't atleast have the TMNT games or Tecmo SUPER Bowl then no thanks.

    Avatar image for Brakkyn

    I hadn't purchased a Nintendo product in decades, and don't plan to...but I would have bought this, if I could have found it. Current Nintendo products I have no interest in--older stuff, on the other hand...

    Avatar image for detourm

    Very dissapointed. Have not been able to find one of these since launch. I guess now I can stop my daily searches of online and brick and mortar stores. I will not be buying a Switch or setting up a emulator. I was hoping for something quick and effortless so I could share these games with my 4 yr old.

    Avatar image for fanboyman

    Nintendo should've dumped a big supply of NES classics on the market before discontinuing, similar to what they did with the Amiibo before tightening up supply again, after announcing the ones people actually wanted (Cloud, Bayonetta & new Zelda)...

    Avatar image for 50cratez

    @fanboyman: nintendos lost the edge. they don't have the brightest people in the company

    Avatar image for ECH71

    They're either dumb AF or they've discovered something seriously wrong with the console (hazard, maybe) and are halting production, hoping no-one else notices it, which would force them to officially recall sold units.

    Avatar image for otterbee

    I'm more and more convinced this was a hedge against the uncertainty of the Switch. I'm quite sure they will re-introduce this thing to the market in the next year or so. The Switch is selling now...but those sales are going to plummet by the holidays. Once they realize that the Switch doesn't have the longevity that they thought it would, they'll be bringing this product back...and selling it at a premium to compensate for the poor Switch sales.

    Avatar image for Bread_or_Decide

    @otterbee: The mini NES was a stop gap between the Wii U's death and the Switch's birth. Considering they're doubling switch production they seem to be quite confident about the system's longevity.

    Avatar image for ZIMdoom

    @Bread_or_Decide: Or maybe Nintendo has fallen so far from their glory days that they simply aren't capable - either physically or management-wise - of handling another "thing" they need to produce and ship and sell? I'm still a Nintendo fan but for many years now, I've gotten the impression Nintendo just doesn't have the resources they used to act/compete at the same level of other big companies. We like to pretend Nintendo only cares about quality, but the way they seem to struggle just putting out games that should be basic, for them, by now? When other companies can pump out AAA titles every year for a number of years before running out of steam? I honestly think they just don't have the resources we now take for granted from a major console company. I doubt they have a person in charge of Classic production and Amiibo production and Switch production and 3DS production, etc, like a normal company would.

    Avatar image for cfscorpio

    Yeah why sell 30 games with the system to play them for $60 when you can sell those 30 games for $150 ($5 each) + $300 for the system to play them.

    Oh Nintendo you are just too consumer friendly. lol