Nintendo Direct: Okami HD On Switch Coming This Summer

We hope Okami HD's Switch release date Issun.

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Capcom's beloved action adventure game Okami is coming to Nintendo Switch. Today during a Nintendo Direct broadcast, Nintendo announced that Okami HD will launch digitally on the eShop this summer.

A brief trailer was shown confirming that you can use touch screen controls in handheld mode. Additionally, you can use the Joy-Con motion controls in TV mode for the game's Celestial Brush.

Okami HD is already available on consoles like Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as well as PC. Of course, those versions do not support motion controls, so that sets the Switch edition apart. The Wii edition of Okami also supported motion controls.

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Avatar image for chisoxrule

As great as this game was, why is there no full on follow up for this? They have ported this one to death across 3 generations of consoles....

Avatar image for twztid13

Nintendo makes me so mad. Why not hint this was coming out when the other HD versions were rereleased recently? I bought it for the 4th time (ps2, wii, ps3, ps4) when it released on ps4. So many were dreaming about this being on Switch, with the motion controls & touch controls to satisfy fans of all the most recent versions, but no one thought it would. No way I'm buying it again, but Nintendo, once again, seems to be refusing to admit the Switch owners have PS4's & X1's too. They think they have no adult fans, & everyone that owns a switch, only owns a switch. That's frustrating for me, but it also cost them lots of sales. Not enough to matter at this point, but they cant keep using the last 2 years worth of x1 & ps4 titles to show how much 3rd party support they have, wait until after everyone has every opportunity to buy those games on every console in existence, then expect everyone to go buy it up when it's announced for Switch 6 months later just because it has Nintendo exclusive content behind the pay wall of buying a toy. This should have been in the last Nintendo Direct. Anyway, don't mind me, I'm just venting...

Avatar image for linknessmario

@twztid13: Okami is not made by Nintendo...

Avatar image for swavo13

Still have the wii version that I've yet to play. Good for other people though :)

Avatar image for mr_indiff

Looking forward to this -- I miss this game already.

Avatar image for linknessmario

Man, I love this game, but how many times can they re-release it?

Avatar image for xantufrog

Wonderful! The motion and screen controls alone make this the best version for me to play outside of PC

Avatar image for JustPlainLucas

Still have yet to play this game! I own the original on PS2, but it's still sealed and I can't find my PS2 and my BC PS3 broke a long time ago. The Switch version will be the perfect time to play the game now!