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Nintendo Direct News Roundup: New Smash Character, Luigi's Mansion 3, And More Big Reveals

The latest Nintendo Direct took place today, and it had a lot of news.

The earthquake-delayed Nintendo Direct September briefing brought a lot of big news. In the space of just 30 minutes, Nintendo made a series of big reveals including the announcement of brand-new Switch games like Luigi's Mansion 3, an untitled Animal Crossing game, and a Katamari Damacy remaster. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate also got some attention, as Nintendo announced a new character, Isabelle, and revealed a special-edition bundle.

You can catch up on all the big Nintendo Direct September news in the roundup below.

Animal Crossing

It is finally happening; Nintendo is bringing the town management series to the console in 2019, marking the first new release in the franchise since 2013's New Leaf for 3DS. [Full story]

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

The new Assassin's Creed game, Odyssey, will be released for Switch in Japan through a streaming-only edition. [Full story]

Luigi's Mansion 3

The first new entry in the Luigi's Mansion series since 2013, the new game was announced through a very brief teaser and ... well, we don't know much of anything outside of its existence. [Full story]

Civilization 6

Katamari Damacy

A remaster of the beloved and unique puzzle game is coming to Switch this winter. [Full story]

More Switch Online Service Details

The Nintendo Direct broadcast featured some new details on the paid service that launches later this month, including some of the free games you get with your membership. [Full story]

Mario Tennis Aces DLC

The popular tennis game is adding new characters Shy Guy and Birdo, as well as new co-op modes, as part of an upcoming update. [Full story]

Civ 6

Confirming an earlier rumour, the strategy game was officially announced for Switch during the event. It will feature updates and improvements. [Full story]

The Next Smash Bros. Ultimate Character

Isabelle from the Animal Crossing series is joining the roster for the next Smash Bros. game. [Full story]

Smash Bros. Ultimate Switch Bundle

A $360 USD bundle that includes a specially designed Switch dock and matching Joy-Cons, as well as a digital copy of the fighting game, launches in November. [Full story]

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

A new version of the Wii U game featuring all the same characters you remember and some new ones, Toadette and Nabbit, is coming to Switch is 2019. [Full story]

Final Fantasy On Switch

Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age is headed to Nintendo Switch (and Xbox One) in 2019. [Full story]. Not only that, but other classic-era Final Fantasy titles are also coming to Switch.

Pokemon Developer Making New Non-Pokemon Game

Pokemon series developer GameFreak announced a new RPG for Switch--and it's not in the Pokemon franchise. [Full story]

New NES Controllers For Switch

In 2018, Nintendo is still making NES controllers. There is a catch, however ... [Full story]

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Eddie Makuch

Bring back the Whalers.
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Avatar image for Ohaidere

A couple of nice announcements here like the NSMB port. If I hadn't already just replayed FFX and XII earlier this year on ps4 I'd be more excited about that, but I'll probably get IX on this platform for a replay. Civ6 would have been a must buy as well if I didn't have a gaming laptop, but I couldn't justify the $60 when I already have a semi portable platform for it.

Still not enough to save 2018 Switch from mediocrity. Hopefully 2019 brings us a bit more than some Mario spinoffs and ports.

Avatar image for CrillanK

@Ohaidere: You consider the NSMB port a nice announcement but don't even mention Luigi's Mansion 3 and Animal Crossing? Both of these coming in 2019. These are a pretty big deal to a lot of people whereas NSMB is a port of a WiiU game. Add the new Pokémon game and everything else planned for next year and 2019 is looking to be pretty awesome from first party alone.

Avatar image for Ohaidere

@CrillanK: I do have hope for 2019. And I mentioned Mario spinoffs--I've never been a fan of Luigi's mansion. I lump that in with Tennis and the rest of the meh. Animal crossing isn't really my cup of tea, so I'm not particularly excited about it. But a port from Wii U from a Mario series I've loved since DS? That's exciting, considering I and many others did not own a Wii U.

I'm sure the next Pokémon flagship game will sell a bajillion, but either way, this all 2019 stuff and still mostly middling spinoff material and nothing new from a flagship series outside of Pokémon.

Avatar image for redhedjack