Nintendo Details Its Newest Mobile Game, Dragalia Lost

Nintendo new mobile game hits iOS and Android in September.

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Nintendo has shared a load of new details on its next mobile title, Dragalia Lost. Unlike the company's previous smartphone efforts, Dragalia Lost marks the first Nintendo mobile game based on an entirely new IP, and it's slated to launch on iOS and Android devices in late September.

Co-developed by Cygames (the studio behind the popular mobile RPG Granblue Fantasy), Dragalia Lost is an action RPG set in the Kingdom of Alberia, a fantasy realm in which humans and dragons live together in harmony. When the forces of darkness threaten the kingdom, the seventh prince of Alberia sets out on a journey to partner with a dragon of his own and drive back the monsters.

Players will guide the prince of Alberia and his party through a variety of isometric 3D levels. The game is played entirely using touch controls; sliding your finger on the screen will cause the party to move in that direction, and you'll attack enemies by tapping on the screen. Battling foes will also cause your Skill Button to gradually fill up; once it's full, it can be tapped to unleash a powerful special ability.

You can create your own four-person party out of more than 60 different characters, who can be summoned using Dragalia Lost's two forms of in-game currency: Wyrmite, which are earned by completing quests, and Diamantium, which are purchased with real-world money. Additionally, you can summon and form pacts with new dragons and shapeshift into them during a battle when you collect enough crystals. You can also team with up to three other players to complete quests together.

Dragalia Lost releases in the App Store and Google Play on September 27. You can pre-register for the game now on the official Dragalia Lost website; if 500,000 players pre-register ahead of its launch, everyone will receive 1,500 Wyrmite.

Dragalia Lost isn't the only mobile game Nintendo has in the works; the company also announced a mobile version of Mario Kart called Mario Kart Tour, which is slated to launch sometime before March 2019. A Zelda mobile game is also reportedly in development.

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