Nintendo details Euro Q1 releases

WarioWare: Smooth Moves, Excite Truck, and Star Fox Command all coming to the continent and UK at the start of 2007.


Hot on the heels of the European launch of the Wii, when Nintendo shifted some 325,000 units over the first two days, the company has announced the first postlaunch wave of new releases for the system. The 26 Wii games Nintendo expects to ship in the first quarter of 2007 include WarioWare: Smooth Moves on January 12, Excite Truck on February 16, Kororinpa on February 23, and Mario Party 8 in March.

The Nintendo DS will be getting a massive 67 titles added to its European library over the first three months of next year, including Children of Mana on January 12, Star Fox Command on January 26, Actionloop on January 26, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All, as yet undated but due sometime in the first quarter.

Nintendo has not yet listed the GameCube and GBA release dates. The full release schedule for the Wii and DS follows.

Nintendo Wii

WarioWare: Smooth Moves (Nintendo): January 12
Excite Truck (Nintendo): February 16
Kororinpa (Hudson): February 23
Baja Racing (Conspiracy): February 2007
Disney’s Chicken Little: Ace in Action (Disney / Buena Vista Games): February 2007
Wing Island (Hudson): March 23
Bionicle Heroes (Eidos): March 23
SSX Blur (EA): March 2007
Mario Party 8 (Nintendo): March 2007
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 (EA): March 2007
Bust a Move Wii (505 Games): March 2007
Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 (Namco Bandai Games): March 2007
Disney’s Meet the Robinsons (Disney / Buena Vista Games): March 2007
Sonic and the Secret Rings (Sega): March 2007
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Ubisoft): March 2007
Heatseeker (Codemasters): Q1 2007
Metal Slug Anthology (Ignition): Q1 2007
Mortal Kombat: Armageddon (Midway Games): Q1 2007
Rampage: Total Destruction (Midway Games): Q1 2007
The Ant Bully (Midway Games): Q1 2007
The Grim Adventure of Billy & Mandy (Midway Games): Q1 2007
Impossible Mission (System 3): Q1 2007
Leaderboard Golf (System 3): Q1 2007
Puzzle Balls (System 3): Q1 2007
Tennis Masters (System 3): Q1 2007
Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII (Ubisoft): Q1 2007

Nintendo DS

January titles
Children of Mana (Nintendo): January 12
Star Fox Command (Nintendo): January 26
Actionloop (Nintendo): January 26
Freedom Wings (Zoo Digital): January 26
Guru Guru (505 Games): January 2007
Labyrinth (505 Games): January 2007
Monster Puzzle (505 Games): January 2007
Mystery Detective (505 Games): January 2007
The Professor's Brain Trainer: Logic (505 Games): January 2007
The Professor's Brain Trainer: Memory (505 Games): January 2007
Mech Assault Phantom War (Majesco): January 2007
Flipper Critters (Conspiracy): January 2007

February titles
Contact (Marvelous/Rising Star Games): February 2
New Zealand Story (Marvelous/Rising Star Games): February 2
Uno/Skip-Bo Compilation/Uno Freefall (Zoo Digital): February 2
Disney's Kim Possible: Global Gemini (Disney/Buena Vista Games): February 2
Magical Starsign (Nintendo): February 9
Mario Slam Basketball (Nintendo): February 16
Lionel Trains On Track (Zoo Digital): February 16
Guilty Gear Dust Strikers (Majesco/THQ): Febraury 20
Fossil League (D3): February 23
Bomberman Land Touch! (Marvelous/Rising Star Games): February 23
Uno 52 (Zoo Digital): February 23
Monster Bomber (505 Games): February 2007
Touch Party Game (505 Games): February 2007
Turn it Around (505 Games): February 2007
Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses (Activision): February 2007
Shrek Smash and Crash (Activision): February 2007
Party Carnival (D3): February 2007
Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (Konami): February 2007
Death, Jr. and the Science Fair of Doom (Konami): February 2007
Lunar Knights (Konami): February 2007
My Frogger Toy Trials (Konami): February 2007
Xiaolin Showdown (Konami): February 2007
Dino Master (Majesco): February 2007
Super Black Bass Fishing (Majesco): February 2007
Gunpey DS (Namco Bandai Games): February 2007

March titles
Danny Phantom Urban Jungle (THQ): March 2
Actua Pool (Zoo Digital): March 2
Princess Natasha (Zoo Digital): March 2
Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis (Nintendo): March 9
Spectrobes (Disney/Buena Vista Games): March 15
Rayman Raving Rabbids (Ubisoft): March 15
Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords (D3): March 16
Bubble Bobble Double Shot (Marvelous/Rising Star Games): March 16
Schach (DTP): March 16
Best Friends – Hunde & Katzen (DTP): March 23
Hello Kitty (Empire): March 23
Pokémon Ranger (Nintendo): March 30
Mein Gestüt (working title) (DTP): March 30
Kameleon DS (505 Games): March 2007
Touch Detective-French version (505 Games): March 2007
Disney's Meet The Robinsons (Disney/Buena Vista Games): March 2007
Diner Dash (Eidos): March 2007
Zendoku (Eidos): March 2007
Sega Presents Touch Darts (working title) (Sega): March 2007
Petz Vet (Ubisoft): March 2007
The Settlers (Ubisoft): March 2007
Teenage Mutant Minja Turtles (Ubisoft): March 2007

Undated Q1 titles
Theme Park (EA): Spring 2007
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All (Capcom): Q1 2007
Micro Machines V4 (Codemasters): Q1 2007
Rafa Nadal Tennis (Codemasters): Q1 2007
Garfield's Nightmare (Classic) (Game Factory/KE Media): Q1 2007
Harlem Globetrotters: World Tour (Zoo Digital): Q1 2007
March of the Penguins (Zoo Digital): Q1 2007
Wiffle Ball Advance (Zoo Digital): Q1 2007

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BTW does ne1 have news on the release of Smash bros brawl????, send me ne info if u hav ne kk. PLease

Avatar image for Tim-

I agree with captainwonton, except warioware that game is freaking awesome! Heatseeker looks decent aswell but meh not the best tilt, which is the best part of the wii.

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what the??? you give it a "POOR"???? no more in you guys. How can you say that it's a flaw not having minigames? it's TENNIS, it doens't need them. if it needed them it would be because it was a bad game which is not. getting fed up with some reviews in this site.

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sh*t! not interested in any of these games!, perhaps mario party 8...and that's about it!

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is that it, i heard there was loads of good games coming out, where are they.

Avatar image for GeneralMBison

Wow no word on Super Smash Bros. Brawl for Europe. The only thing I know is that it could come out on Q2 for U.S. It would suck if it was delayed.

Avatar image for mike_515

Wheres Mario Galaxy? That was supposed to be a launch title and it's not even in Q1 for next year... very disapionting. But apart from that the line up is good, hopefully Q2 brings even more cool games like these. hopfully even better(er)

Avatar image for canopener1

I wonder when Trauma Centre is coming out...

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Blimey, you never realise the vast amount of games to be released until you see them listed. Good show.

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Man, they're all either going to be ridicuously addictive, or pathetic ports.

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Hey , I live in Belgium and I buy my DS games on ebay. Those American titles work fine on my DS

Avatar image for Paul_TheGreat

That's a sorry Wii lineup.

Avatar image for Scammeleon

Nice early wario ware! But a bit of a slow Wii release schedule (and where's mario and metroid?) Still no news on metroid prime pinball either...

Avatar image for Alcotamaysees

Could use some better wii games.

Avatar image for king-kill33

no UK release date for pokemon for the wii or ds =[

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It's all looking good.

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i wish they told all the VC titles as well

Avatar image for Goku-stream

Woohoo, a mass of games (with quite a few good selectable titles :D). But where is FF3 (yeah I know loads of people have said it, but it don't change the fact I want it!)

Avatar image for chrisdojo

LOTS of games wonder if theme park will be as fun as roller coaster tycoon...

Avatar image for ocdog45

looks like if you got a wii, your good to go

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I could care less about Euro release dates. Bring on the US dates.

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Man, when is FF3 going to be released.

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lots of games but nothing really really great.. hope they start releasing more n64 games on the vc during the same period.

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brazillian people access GameSpot too!! I like Nintendo, but I prefer games that have a deep story, action, mystery, like MSG, Gears Of War, RE, Halo, FF and others, and looks like Nintendo's more worry at doing games just for fun, like sports, music-games and minigames... The games list that sanderuli wrote is good, but I think they're too many few for a year

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I was expecting a better list of games for the wii. Warioware looks pretty cool. Mario party 8 will prob be just like the other 7 versions. I am waiting for the new mario game.

Avatar image for dholmes19

wow, look at all those releases coming up....too bad i don't have a wii or ds.

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Import guys, it's often cheaper! Someone mentioned - top shop!

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Avatar image for helluvagood

mario partee 8!

Avatar image for comthitnuong

warioware...i wanna see how that does

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Interesting games of all..

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Avatar image for aramitz

Still no date for FF3, Phoenix Wright 2 or Elite Beat Agents?. I hope Nintendo aren't going to abandon EU 'gamers' completely in their quest to appeal to the masses. It's bad enough I just spent £200 on a Wii and there's only 2 games announced so far worth getting! (Zelda & Wario). I guess if your in the EU then Play-Asia is the way to go.

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Ummm okay ... WHERE IS FFIII !!!! I WANT FFIII .....

Avatar image for da_real_deal
da_real_deal wait, its a UK article... ..interesting

Avatar image for EmperorIng

To mysticGenie in US Sonic and PRince of Persia both great third party games come out in the first quarter

Avatar image for EmperorIng

didn't excite truck already get released?

Avatar image for SuperSonicx2005

wow Sonic and the Secret Rings on Nintendo Wii is coming March 2007 man I better start to get the Nintendo Wii system soon so I can play the game when I buy it

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love nintendo

Avatar image for cobrax80


Avatar image for TryMe01

soo many games, but this list was release a week earlier

Avatar image for shasam712

Elite Beat Agents isn't on the list... It's not on the list.... IT'S NOT ON THE LIST! Oh no, what am I to do. :P

Avatar image for Gamepro2421

i'm so glad i'm from N. America and dont get shafted with releases...sry UK, you guys should riot or something...

Avatar image for bgres077

Mario Party 8 should be amazing for the Wii. Can't wait to see some of those minigames.

Avatar image for MysticGenie

Color me unimpressed with the Wii lineup. There's not a single high-profile third-party game that really stands out and to be honest, the Xbox 360 lineup blows it out of the water. Unless Nintendo get its act together, the Wii will be a repeat performance of the Gamecube.

Avatar image for puppiemaster

no Metroid or Mario Galaxy on the list

Avatar image for Lum_Yatsura

It's on the PC where US gamers get a dull lineup compared to them. Sega in particular has done that recently. Crazy Taxi 3, Billy Hatcher, Sonic Adventure DX, Sonic Mega Collection Plus... Not to mention a different publisher released Guilty Gear X2 #Reload there. Although it wasn't sold here or Europe, Mega Man X8 for PC has both English mode and controller rumble which is rarely offered on that platform. It's in fact one of the greatest conversions from a console ever made. I feel sorry for DS owners over in those countries though. Why would Actionloop or whatever they call it in that region take so long to translate? I can understand the amount of text for Children of Mana or Pokemon Ranger being an issue, but a puzzle game? Wow, and to think Polarium Advance which was from the same developer and genre came out there nearly 6 months before US shelves.

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W00T Mario Party 8 has a realese date W00T

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I wounder how those dates will reflect on the US dates because some of those games are out here.

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