Nintendo cuts price for European GameCube launch

Following Microsoft's price cut for the Xbox, Nintendo announces a price cut for the GameCube launch.


Nintendo has announced that the Nintendo GameCube will launch across Europe on May 3 at a recommended retail price of 199 euros ($175) instead of the original price of 249 euros ($220). "Europe is a very important market for Nintendo and we are committed to making it a success," said David Gosen, managing director of Nintendo Europe. "On May 3 we will launch the only dedicated games console, the Nintendo GameCube, with an excellent software lineup, both for launch and throughout 2002, at a very competitive price. This is a very strong offer for consumers and one that we believe will ensure Nintendo's success across Europe."

In related news, the German edition of industry paper MCV recently reported that Sony will wait for the most current sales numbers at the end of May before reevaluating the pricing of the PlayStation 2.

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