Nintendo Could Go Back To Live E3 Press Conferences In The Future

Nintendo is constantly evolving.


Since 2013, Nintendo has opted against hosting a live press conference for E3. Instead, the company has presented prerecorded Directs or Digital Events. But that all might change in the coming years.

In an interview with GamesBeat, Charlie Scibetta, senior director of corporate communications at Nintendo, said, "We decide each year what to show in the booth based on the content we have." He continued, "It's really whatever we think is the best way to bring those games to life."

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Knowing Nintendo doesn't have a preference for prerecorded shows, and simply chooses a format that's believed to be the best fit for each game, we can assume that Nintendo might return to live shows in the future. Recent Nintendo titles announced at E3, such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, might have presented better as a Nintendo Direct, but that doesn't mean a future title might better benefit from a live presentation.

Later in the interview, Scibetta hinted that Nintendo might even try something completely different for future E3 conferences. "In the future, [Nintendo] might go back to a presentation. We might stick with video. We might do something completely different. But it'll all be based on what we have to show that year," he said.

Nintendo spent a majority of the company's E3 2018 Direct presenting the massive rotation of levels, new roster, and added mechanics in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. However, the company also promoted a Donkey Kong expansion for Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle and announced Super Mario Party.

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