Nintendo confirms Wii Remote Plus

Retailer box art proves prophetic as Wii Remote with built-in MotionPlus peripheral now official; release details yet to be announced.



While much of the attention at Nintendo's Japanese press briefing last night was focused on the upcoming 3DS handheld, there was news of the company's console as well. More specifically, there was news of the company's console's controller.

Now with more precision built in.
Now with more precision built in.

During the event, Nintendo confirmed the Wii Remote Plus, a new version of the standard Wii Remote with the Wii MotionPlus attachment built in. The peripheral was first spotted last week in North American box art for the upcoming Wii game FlingSmash. In confirming the hardware, Nintendo said the Wii Remote Plus was devised "for the convenience of the users," who currently need to plug the MotionPlus peripheral into the bottom of a Wii Remote to increase the standard hardware's precision.

Nintendo didn't announce release plans or pricing for the Wii Remote Plus, saying only that details would be revealed at a later date. However, the company did release a picture of the new controller in four different colors: white, black, blue, and pink. The box art for FlingSmash showed a black controller and Wii Remotes are currently available in all four of those hues, but Nintendo didn't confirm a specific set of Wii Remote Plus color options. When the Wii was still codenamed Revolution, Nintendo showed off several different colors of the controller in promotional photos, though the hardware was available only in white until last year.

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