Nintendo clears up GameCube, GBA release dates

When will games such as Pikmin, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Wario Land 4 arrive in the US? Read on.


Nintendo of America has updated its official release list, changing the release date for several of its GameCube games. Pikmin, the latest game from Shigeru Miyamoto, will now be released on December 3, pushed back from its November 19 release date. Super Smash Bros. Melee and Eternal Darkness will also be released on that date. Nintendo's first-party basketball game, NBA Courtside 2002, will be released in January 2002, while Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet will arrive in March 2002. On the GameCube launch day, Luigi's Mansion and Wave Race: Blue Storm will be the only first-party Nintendo games released.

On the Game Boy Advance front, Nintendo will release Golden Sun on November 12 and Wario Land 4 on November 19. GameSpot will have more on all of Nintendo's first-party GameCube and GBA products in the coming weeks.

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