Nintendo Channels Metroid With New 3DS Shooter Blast Ball

Nintendo's new game looks a lot like Metroid Prime Hunters, and it's a team-based shooter.


Coming off the success of alternative shooter Splatoon, Nintendo has announced an FPS that looks pretty different from Call of Duty or Battlefield.

Called Blast Ball, this team-based game was unveiled during the Nintendo World Championships livestream. Two teams of mechs face off and attempt to score a ball into the opposing team's goal. The stream showed off a 3v3 match with each player taking control of a mech to fight against each other. It's coming for the 3DS, and it looks like it's another esports initiative for Nintendo.

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It channels clear Metroid imagery, especially of the DS game, Metroid Prime Hunters. From the HUD to the guns, Blast Ball seems very similar to Hunters. We'll have to wait for Nintendo's conference at 9 AM on Tuesday for more information on the game.

You can check out a gallery of the game below:

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