Nintendo Breaks This Major Record Thanks to Pokemon Go

Mario developer was most traded company by value of shares this century in Japan recently.


Pokemon Go continues to benefit Nintendo's business, despite the fact that Nintendo didn't even make the game. According to a report from Bloomberg, Nintendo broke a Tokyo stock market record on Friday, when the company traded ¥476 billion ($4.5 billion) worth of shares.

What's that mean? According to Bloomberg (via Polygon), Nintendo was most traded company by value of shares this century in Japan on Friday. It topped single-day performance of big-name companies such as Tokyo Electric, SoftBank, Mizuho, Nippon Steel, and Aiful.

Nintendo shares have surged more than 86 percent since Pokemon Go came out, adding $17 billion to the company's market value.

Google spinoff Niantic Labs developed Pokemon Go in collaboration with The Pokemon Company. Nintendo owns a piece of The Pokemon Company, which may explain why its share price has spiked so dramatically since Pokemon Go's initial release.

Pokemon Go is free, though there are some items players can spend real money to acquire. Given the game's massive userbase, those microtransactions may prove to be lucrative. A recent report claimed the game had already made $14 million. Additionally, Niantic is working with retail establishments--possibly McDonald's--to make some businesses sponsored locations.

The game is out now in many major markets, including the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, as well as a number of other places. Pokemon Go will come to another big region, Japan, once Niantic Labs is more confident servers can support it.

For more on Pokemon Go, check out GameSpot's review.

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Wow...the whole world goes Poke-Crazy and Nintendo's stock shoots through the Skylanders lol

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I feel this only works for pokemon and animal crossing. Based on the games themselves. Maybe pikmin.

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Long live Nintendo

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@stage4saiyan: a software company.

There, I finished your thought for you. :)

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Its set plenty of records so far

- Most dead bodies found playing a game

- most people sent to the hospital while playing a game

- most naked chicks vandalizing a church seen playing a game

and the list goes on, truly a great achievement

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--pokego maybe it is like the donald trump of gaming

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So apparently Pokemon Go is really just a clever way of getting people to film places that cars can't go to in order to create "street views" of these areas. The people behind Niantic are the same people that developed the street view technology and they received a lot funding from the US government (through a company known to be a guise for three letter agencies).

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@milk: absolutely true. i am sure they will share that data with the cia and fbi to assist with with the "fight against terror". pokemon go is not a game... it is a data mining scheme first and foremost. a very clever one at that.

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@milk: You need more than people waving phones around to get images for Street View....

3D images, I should add.

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@metallinatus: The quality may not be perfect at first, but this is the first and only technology to do this so it's better than nothing.

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14 million in revenue.....17 billion in market cap for a company that owns a part of the company that made 14 million.....

Methinks investors are just as emotional as players......

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@olddadgamer:Yes it'a heavy speculation at this point. I saw an article the other day saying that the amount Nintendo will actually get from Pokemon Go revenues is probably a lot smaller than people realize. I didn't check on the information myself but in the general community (outside of investors I mean) I bet most people don't know that Nintendo only owns around 30% of the Pokemon company directly and then I think another 10% of one of the other owners so I guess that would equate like another 3% or so. It's complicated, not simply loads of money flowing thru Pokemon straight to Nintendo.

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@olddadgamer: Maybe a little emotional, but an investment is just that. Something you believe has the potential to make you more money in the future. Right now Pokemon Go isn't making that much money in the big picture of things, but there is a lot of potential to make a ton of money. That is why investor's are buying up the stock like crazy. Pokemon Go has a lot of areas where they can make a ton of money, but I am sure to start with they are just thrilled with huge user base. Once you have the user base addicted to the game then you start going after there pockets. Its like giving people free heroin and once they are addicted then you can charge them an arm and a leg for it and they will pay. Not to mention this is doing wonders for Nintendo's brand recognition. It may get people to look into Nintendo's other properties and products and opens up other opportunities such movies and merchandising etc, etc.

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This Pokemon Go craze is amazing. I love reading all the crazy stories of things happening from playing this game. I'm quite interested to see how Nintendo reacts to this success.

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You the best Nintendo! Cant wait for Japan and other countries to join in on the fun.

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But isn't Nintendo doomed?

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@bunchanumbers: not anymore it appears. ironic that what saved them this time is something they only just opened themselves up to. for the longest time, nintendo was completely against mobile and expanding beyond their limiting and closed eco system. heck, back in the gc and wii days, they were generally against online mp. see how things turn out when you open you mind to new things? i am sure investors are having a grand time right about now...

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@Xristophoros: I've been under the impression Nintendo was going to release their 8 and 16 bit library on phones and tablets. Heard later that they couldn't due to licensing issues... Know anything about that?

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@Xristophoros: Your statement about being "against" anything has never been Nintendo's philosophy. They were "against" just doing whatever everyone else is doing - and is why they didn't bother doing this one themselves. This didn't save them, either...just put them in a positive light.

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@Xristophoros: So you've been lying to me? :(

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@bunchanumbers: Nintendos innovation and new ips are doomed. This proves that the old makes the money and is why we have so many pointless sequels to everything nowadays. That goes for MicroSoft and Sony too.

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@darksouls: Tbf sony has announced a lot of new ips lately. The only upcoming sequel I can think of is God Of War

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@gamingdevil800: That's true but Uncharted 4 just came out which is pretty uneccessary.

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@darksouls: Splatoon.

Avatar image for darksouls

@bunchanumbers: Thats just one new mediocre shooter. Nice one. What about the 30th Zelda or the 500th Mario game? Nintendo is worse than Ms and Sony when it comes to milking a franchise.

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@bunchanumbers: eh... Its funny that nothing they directly make currently has swung that for them. However a third party using assets leveraged it, and does wonders. Makes me stop and wonder.

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@bunchanumbers: dont worry they just got some pocket money.

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@neowarrior793: They could buy Sony with their pocket money right now.

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@metallinatus: not really they would need to sell all thoes shares to make enough money to buy a less then controlling stake in sony. you dont get to buy a whole company unless there willing to sell the whole thing, unless is full public trading company or you actaully sell off more shares to actaully lose the controlling stake.