Nintendo begins DS download test in Japan

The Japanese giant gives gamers across the Pacific a taste of its handheld's wireless capabilities


When the DS was first unveiled, much was made of how its wireless networking capabilities would allow for the downloading of games. However, Nintendo hasn't made much of it since, offering no sort of service for downloading content of any kind.

That is, until now. According to a page on its official Japanese-language Web site, Nintendo today began a nationwide test of its forthcoming game service. A rough translation of the site says DS owners will be able to wirelessly download demos and bonus content from special kiosks at select stores across the island nation.

According to the site, demos will remain on DS units "until power is turned off." The one exception is some additional music for Jam With the Band (called "Daigasso! Band Brothers" in Japan). "After turning off power, the [Jam With the Band] data remains," read the instructions on the site.

Nintendo will continue the DS download test until March 21. No date for the final launch of the download service was posted on the Web site.

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