Nintendo AU to host dog show in Sydney

Nintendo throws inaugural Pup-Up in Sydney to offer pet owners practical tips and to show off Nintendogs + Cats for the Nintendo 3DS.

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A lot of people thought Nintendo was barking up the wrong tree with the release of Nintendogs, but history has proven the naysayers wrong, with the publisher making a mint off virtual animals. Now, ironically, Nintendo is casting its marketing dollars toward luring in real pet owners, by hosting its first Pup-Up event.

The Pup-Up will be hosted at Custom's House Square on the August 25 in Sydney and will see a variety of pet care professionals offering practical tips to passers-by. Naturally, there will be a link to the Nintendogs franchise, as the latest game--Nintendogs + Cats--will be on hand to try out at the event. Punters will also be able to take 3D photos of the pooches by using the 3DS consoles at the event.

The Pup-Up kicks off at 10 a.m. on Thursday and will continue until mid-afternoon. (Directions on how to get to Customs House Square can be found here.) Regardless of whether you like the game, it's a good chance to get out during your lunch break to go and check out some puppies; they make everything better.

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That's absolutely insane. Like the free bananas thing with Donkey Kong Country Returns. Not that it's a bad insane. :P

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Im going. My 3DS' streetpass will be pimpin.

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Your real puppy and/or kitty will hate you if you attend this and fawn over digital pets in front of them.